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Linux on T430s

2012-10-06, 10:47 AM

I just received my T430s 2356.


I thought I'd share my experiences installing Linux on it - hopefully this information may be useful for linux enthusiasts thinking about buying a T430s.


I installed Linux Mint 13, and basically everything works perfectly out of the box:

* Wifi works great (good bandwidth)

* Suspend/resume works, and is incredibly quick (resume is in approximately 1 second - fast enough not to really notice it takes time)

* 3G was incredibly easy to setup, and worked perfectly on the first try.

* Touchpad worked great, right out of the box (though you have to go to mouse settings and enable two-finger scrolling if you want that)

* Keyboard backlight and thinklight works, and is maneuvered using the same keys as in windows

* Keyboard keys for sound volume up/down work

* Power management works, battery life seems to be about the same in linux as in windows (approx 4-5 hours without bay battery, for my usage pattern (software development))


All in all I'm just incredibly happy with my purchase so far! Build quality is great, the screen is better than I had expected, the keyboard is the best laptop keyboard I've ever tried. Thank you very much Lenovo!



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Re: Linux on T430s

2012-10-06, 18:12 PM

welcome to the community.

thanks for sharing your impressions and experience! :)

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Re: Linux on T430s

2012-10-07, 3:07 AM
If you have a discrete graphics card, remember to install Bumblebee or else it will be eating your battery. You may also try disabling it in BIOS.

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Re: Linux on T430s

2012-11-09, 4:49 AM
Thank you for sharing your experiences. What about the webcam? Is Skype working properly?

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Re: Linux on T430s

2012-11-11, 11:01 AM

I have a T430i and run Arch Linux. Most things run fine, but hdaps is a nogo, thinkpad_ec / tp_smapi modules won't  load. Also I have no driver for the fingerprint reader. After reading some postings here regarding video failures with bios 2.02  I am hesitant to update to the latest 2.06 bios. Lenovo seems unwilling to make the later thinkpads work properly with anything other than windows.

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