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Paper Tape
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Linux on ThinkPad R61i



I'm about to buy a laptop, and TP R61i (a 15.4" model) looks fine for me.


So, does anybody use that computer with Linux (or maybe OpenBSD) insalled on it?

Is there drivers for components build in the laptop? Does everything works fine?


How Linux handle hard disc protection (Active Protection System)? Does it works at all?


How long is battery life while running Linux on it?


btw: I remember there was a overheating bug with Ubuntu and some hard disks some time ago.

If there's some bug like that with this laptop, please let me know.


Sry about my bad english.

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Linux on ThinkPad R61i

This link may hold some answers. It is about as close as you will get.

I could not find where Lenovo is offering preloaded SLED anymore.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Linux on ThinkPad R61i

Thanks for the link. There's lot of informations.


I don't really know about preload SLED. I'll just buy a Windows preloaded computer and install Debian (or maybe Gentoo) and OpenBSD on it. (I know, I know... but my primary OS is Linux, I need Windows from time to time, and OpenBSD is here to learn pf and cryptography related stuff)


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Linux on ThinkPad R61i

Out of the box openSuSE has been the only distro that has worked 99% for my R60.


The biggest problems I have are at work with the connection here and I don't belive it's SuSE's fault. I think it's down to the over complicated Windows server in the cupboard.


Ubuntu/KUbuntu/Mint - never got the networking going on either of them.


Mepis - I think it worked but that was years ago I last tried that.


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