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P50 M1000M overheating in Linux while on NVIDIA

2018-03-17, 22:38 PM

Last annoyance I have with my P50.

I have P50 with M1000M with 4K display running linux. Nothing really works fine with 4k, so I am running 1080p.

As soon as I start majority of gl apps on NVIDIA (i.e. primusrun something) laptop oventually turns off because (i suspect) temp of CPU goes up to 100 degrees. This typically happens after an hour or somehing. Workaround is to put it onto frying pan which dissipates heat quite well.

I've tried to disable CPU cores and throttle them down to lowest freqency - that  doesn't help. So it seems that sole reason is NVIDIA.

I recorded temp during session and it seems like it goes up slowly and machine heats up - both nvidia and CPU. I checked nvidia-smi settings:

Attached GPUs : 1
GPU 00000000:01:00.0
GPU Current Temp : 50 C
GPU Shutdown Temp : N/A
GPU Slowdown Temp : 96 C
GPU Max Operating Temp : 92 C
Memory Current Temp : N/A
Memory Max Operating Temp : N/A

So, NVIDIA only throttling itself at 92-96. but at that time CPU temp is even higher and jumps slightly depending on load. So it is too late. So my question to Lenovo - is it possible to change this temps in BIOS so it would not be too late? Or may be someone knows how to lower this values?

I can only see single fan speed in linux, but according to lm-sensors maximum speed is 3754 rpm, and there is no way to control it. It is also quite quite at that speen. Do anyone know what is real range, is it possible to increase speed of the fan, my guess 4200 rpm would solve my problem?

Another way is to underclock nvidia. I tried quite hard but found no way to do so - seems like only 3 perf modes available like 'full speed' 'very slow' and 'very very slow' and there is even to force 'very slow'. Also it is not possible to underclock nvidia card. May be I am missing something and that is possible?

Note that windows also overheats, but I would say almost never.

Thanks in advance, for most of my tasks I am very happy with my P50.


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Re: P50 M1000M overheating in Linux while on NVIDIA

2019-05-27, 1:48 AM

I am also having this issue. I'm not sure what is going on.


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Re: P50 M1000M overheating in Linux while on NVIDIA

2019-06-05, 12:06 PM

Try installing and running thermald. I only recently started using the proprietary drivers under debian and hit a similar problem. But since the installation of thermald I've not encounter any further issues.

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