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Plan9 Operating System

2020-06-03, 17:06 PM

Hello, I have discovered Plan9 Operating System.  It is experimental, developed by the same software engineers who invented Unix, with intention of being the next and improved version.  It has been in existence and development for many years. Todays fedora 32 fdisk program has at least one file system format type option named plan9!


Is there any experience using it upon Lenovo computers?  I have an Ideapad 330-17IKB.   I have found the usb live image from 9front.org starts in a few seconds, compared to a few moments for Fedora 32 I have installed on my conventional hdd.  Starting the live usb  as EFI USB AND starting it under Legacy/Legacy boot were successful.


I attempted to write a live usb for plan9 found from Bell Labs under the new usb creator program for Fedora 32 distribution. (Available at www.9p.io )

Within the new liveusb creator program from Fedora, at the menu choice for installing a custom iso, I selected the iso file from Bell Labs site.  The creator program proceeded to repartition the usb media, resizing the partition in the process,  but at the end flashed red saying an error had happened.  The resulting usb would not boot.  I tried boot from efi USB  and legacy USB settings in bios. Neither setting worked.  Probing the usb with fdisk, I discovered the format had changed from the original type I had used to the plan9 type. And partition size was different too.  Obviously the liveusb creator software had probed the iso image and attempted to make an appropriate installation on the usb media.  Does the new live usb creator program have a window for users to select details of block size, partition sizes, partition format types and so forth?


creating the live usb might be as simple as dd if=livecd.iso of=usbmedia.  I have not tried that yet!  Any suggestions? 

I have heard block size specification to dd is important sometimes, any comments?


I am looking for a group of Plan9 enthusiasts to present FAQ's to regarding installation, and operation.  Especially how to boot the live usb image from bell labs.  (Available at www.9p.io )


Next step after actually booting the live usb is installing on a system drive, I plan to use another usb for that...


Having Fun!




PS>  there are very few application programs ported to plan9.  A C compiler and python interpreter are included, however it is NOT gcc, and NOT python3.


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