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Paper Tape
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Problem with my Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 in Linux

Hy from Venezuela


Sorry for my English.


This is my problem I have a Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 it came with Windows Vista, but I install Windows XP no a problem, now I want to install Fedora Core 8 I try but when I finished the installation I can’t see my CD/DVD unit; not in Windows XP and not Fedora Core 8, I try with Fedora Core 7 but I had another problem when I get to the part the I have to make the partition., it says the can’t find the drivers for my hard disk, my hard disk is ST980811AS. Can someone help me!!!!!

I wish to install Fedora Core 8 but the problem is the I can’t see my CD/DVD unit after the installation… thanks for any help..

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Retired Moderator
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Re: Problem with my Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 in Linux

hi  Smiley Happy

i have checked out ur configuration and find no problems regarding the linux install issues with it..may i sujjest that u try using the eject command and see  whther ur dvd drive comes out or should know that only when u put a disk in the dvd drive an icon appears in the desktop otherwise it doesnt appear...u can check it out in "my computer" as well
i would recommend you go for suse10.3

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Paper Tape
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Re: Problem with my Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 in Linux

Hi samavedam_vijay.


I found a solution, mi CD/DVD unit doesn’t work after I install Fedora Core 8 and It was not possible to see it form Windows and from Linux, but in the web I found that someone has the same problem he or she fixed, and has the solution but in linux and is: that in the grub.conf in the line where says Kernel…….. put acpi=off. It works now I can see my CD/DVD unit in linux but I still can’t see it in Windows….. ?


I really need  help…… Smiley Sad


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Problem with my Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 in Linux

    Have you added a CD or DVD to drive.  If you do, it should at that point mount drive automatically.  At that point, if you see an icon on the desktop for it, you are home free.  If not, use a terminal window and cd to /media to see if that directory has the disk entry.  If it does, cd to it, and "ls". If the CD or DVD file/directories don't show, I can't suggest anything else.
Token Ring
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Re: Problem with my Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200 in Linux

Hi !

I own a Lenovo 3000 N200 (0769BAG) and it runs flawlessly under Fedora 7 (for month) Fedora 9 (on a USB stick to try before upgrade) and under Ubunutu, and Kubuntu 8.04 (also on on a USB stick).


I had not the need to specify ACPI=OFF on neither operating systems.

So, as you also have problems under Windows, I would suspect a bad setting into the BIOS. (remeber that the disk drive is a SATA one and the DVD is a plain IDE one.)

Last but not least, the DVD part of the drive may be defective so you may try with a CD to double check and ask Lenovo hardware support if it runs with a CD and no DVD.

Normally, with the bare settings of either operating systems, once the CD/DVD disc is recognized by the drive a window should pop up to ask what kind of action the operating system should take (copy, read, play, look for pictures, ....ect...) so if this pop up does not show, it may be the drive not getting the disc read.

Hope this helps !

P.S. : these laptops are plain hardware and except the Ricoh card reader every component has a Linux driver. It may be not so easy to turn it on but you shoud have a minimal set of problems with it (mainly because it's Intel chip and Intel Linux friendly policy). On mine, the fingertip reader is known (it has no use as I've no fingerprint software for it)


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