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Paper Tape
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Re: R61 & SLED - No Go

I've pretty much given up on SLED for the time being.

A few people have told me to wait for 10.2 to come out. Even though I've read about numerous people getting the 4965AGN to work with SLED 10.1, I don't want to download a bunch of things and then install and configure them.

I want it to "just work"

What I don't understand is how you can get the same laptop I have, brand new from lenovo, with SLED 10.1 on it. What does their version of SLED have that mine doesn't?

Thanks for your concern. But unless I can be 100% positive that it will work, I'm not going to re-install SLED.

(Besides, my trial key expried ;-P)
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Re: R61 & SLED - No Go

may be its a customized version from lenovo?
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Re: R61 & SLED - No Go

I couldn't get SLED to work with my 4965agn either. Everybody on the Suse forums said it should work but it didn't. That was a deal-breaker for me. I tried Ubuntu 7.10 and it worked with the 4965 so I tried some derivatives of Ubuntu. I finally settled on Linux Mint for now. I like the default config. It requires very little tweaking to fit my needs. I'm getting to like Gnome but there is also a KDE version if you like.
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