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Reverting the MBR corrupted by Grub --- Linux General


I wiped out the original Windows XP installation on my Thinkpad X60s and replaced it with Ubuntu a while back. 

To do this, I installed GRUB prior to installing Ubuntu Linux.

I must have screwed up the installation in the past, but never realized it since Ubuntu ran perfect.


However, now I want to revert back to my original installation of the Windows XP from the ThinkVantage option.

But -- when I try to do this, GRUB shows up even before the MBR and throws an error and does not let me go any further ahead. I have tried re-installing with an external CD, but that fails as well. 

 I need the MBR to show up before GRUB and continue my XP installation.


Use any XP setup CD and enter the recovery console


Select the windows partition and use the command "fixmbr"


This should remove grub


Also, it may be helpful to try ubuntu with Wubi next time...it is regarded as a relatively safe way of installing alongside Windows 

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