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I am running Jolicloud (a Linux OS based on Debian/ Ubuntu OS) on my S10-2.


I have installed this on an USB external HDD & booted the system from there.  While all other functions are working ok, Camera is not being detected.  The Camera is working normally in the system when booted with WindowsXP, which came loaded when I purchased S 10-2, so I know the hardware is OK.


What can I do to get the camera working in Jolicloud?



Jolly cloud's kernel may or may not have webcam support as of now, but they may include it in their future kernel releases.  Since the system came with Windows everything will work out of the box - looks like you installed ubuntu previously on your netbook did you try out the application "cheese" to run your webcam?


Go to the terminal and try entering this command:


sudo apt -get install cheese


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