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Slackware 12.2 USB w/ hdd install on a t400

2009-03-07, 10:22 AM

I am having so much trouble with this...

I'm working with a t400, and using the hdd in the ultrabay not wanting to touch the main hdd.


The idea is to Install slackware to the Ultrabay drive, which should be simple...


However I can't boot from DVD, so I partitioned out  like this


a 500gb seagate


sdb1  Linux             [~250gb]

sdb2  Linux swap   [8gb]

sdb3  fat32(win95) [8gb]

rest is free space


Using the image in the  /usb-and-pxe-installers folder i made a usb boot key, then copyed the whole dvd to sdb3

key boots just fine, no screaming errors, ect. 

1. cfdisk worked to make the parts,

2. launch setup

3. format  sdb1 (ex3) and sdb2 for thier roles,

4. pick the target (sdb1).

5. choose source (sdb3) 

6. I choose packages(all but extra langs, however just min install also fails)

7. select install type, menu, noobie, ect does not matter which I choose the results are the same


8. Install starts then 2-10sec later it stops and tells me that install and config are complete and that I can restart with crt-alt-del

    - using alt-f4 there is nothing listed here other than mounting for the target,  and if I did a format, the formating log is printed

    - rebooting and picking the seagate drive from the device list too boot from hands with a _  on the second or 3rd line of the screen and I have to hold the power button got shutdown.  booting internal drive goes right to win.  and booting off the key, I can't see that anything has been done to sdb1 other than a format.



I'm kinda new to linux, however I have installed slack and gotten a few desktop mtg running in VMware with 0 issues(outside of the nornal issues you have with vms) 


Other things I have tryed would be to have the slack dvd copyed to a usb key and then booting with 2 keys in, one for the boot disk the other for the source info, installer still finds the needed files however install still never completes. 


I really don't want to touch the internal hdd right now, and I just want to work linux of the ultrabay drive.

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