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Fanfold Paper
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Solved: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live-USB

I want to install openSUSE Leap next to the existing Windows 10 Pro on my IdeaPad 720 MIIX 12IKB however I fail to let the device boot from the UEFI live-USB stick.

I wrote the USB stick using Rufus as instructed on the openSUSE wiki. The BIOS is the currently latest version of JAN/2018: 3SCN63WW. The BIOS on the IdeaPad has been set to AHCI mode so Linux will be able to recognise the local disk.


When I open the boot menu on device startup I do see the USB stick recognised as bootable device, but when I select the USB stick, the Ideapad just starts Windows from disk. I also tried through Advanced startup options from within Windows to boot from the USB stick, but that also just restarts into Windows.

I have tried with and without secure boot enabled. Boot from USB is enabled ofcourse. Fast boot enabled or disabled also makes no difference. I have tried different USB sticks and both USB ports, and I have tried a few other Linux distro's all without succes.


I know I can enable Legacy boot mode, which does work (for both the linux USB sticks as well as the Lenovo recovery media), however then Linux will be installed in Legacy mode as it doesn't have access to the efivars.while. And I want to avoid that as Windows is (factory-)installed in EFI mode so I then would have to enter BIOS every time I want to switch between Windows and Linux. (And I still have a Wife-acceptance-factor to consider :-))


I even downloaded the Lenovo recovery media and wrote it to an USB stick using the Lenovo supplied recovery media writer. Also that USB stick won't boot in UEFI mode. Which makes me wonder if this device is even able to UEFI boot anything from USB?


Has anybody been able to boot an UEFI bootable device on this type of machine? If so.. how ?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live-USB

After a lot of searching and analyzing I found out that the IdeaPad is only able to boot from pure GPT UEFI bootable formatted sticks.
I found this out by trying the Lenovo UEFI diagnistoc tools which is a bootable usb image. At first I also could not make that boot either, but then after a reformat of the stick into GPT format using rufus and then again running the diagnostic bootdisk creator which just copies over some EFI files to the already existing partition of the stick. And suddenly I was able to boot that stick..
Then I diagnosed the openSuse ISO which seems to be a hybrid legacy/uefi boottable format but with an MBR partition table because otherwise legacy boot would never work. Most BIOS implementations boot UEFI fine from an MBR formatted stick, but not this Lenovo Ideapad.
To be able to boot this openSUSE image I had to write it to the stick using rufus dd mode which gave me the MBR formatted stick. Then I found a tool Minitools Partion Wizard which the free versions allows to convert the MBR usb-stick to a GPT usb-stick without losing the data. This actually worked and the stick was now GPT UEFI bootable and I could install Linux and dualboot into windows on the IdeaPad 720 MIIX 12ISK.. And for now it seems Linux does pretty well on this machine except that I needed to blacklist the ideapad_laptop module as this would prevent wifi from working.
Serial Port
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Re: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live- need help creating a bootable usb


I really need your asisstance on Creating a bootable USB to install a vanilla Windows 10 image from USB stick. I'm so glad someone else had issues with attempting to boot the Ideapad 720 Miix. 


I am having a similar problem with loading Windows 10 into a bootable USB. After attempting numerous different methods, I tried creating a bootable USB by your method. I created a GPT partition scheme for UEFI (ntfs file system) with rufus using my windows 10 iso. I then unzipped the Lenovo bootable generator file and extracted the contents onto the USB. I also tried creating a MBR partition from rufus, then converting it to GPT with the minitool partition you had referenced, but it just erased the data on the USB. 

I'm suspecting I am doing something wrong in  a few places or missing a step? 

On the Ideapad 720 I have tried numerous different bios combintation to engage the USB boot on the device:

Bios Settings-

changing from RAID to AHCI -

disabling secure boot -

booting in UEFI -

Booting in legacy with UEFI first boot option -

Booting Legacy only - 

I have attmepted to manually create and install a bootable USB offered by the site below.


I work for a company and we will be ordering many of these Ideapads, I am asking for your help on this since you have had success. Can you give me an outline of what I need to do to get a bootable windows 10 image loaded?


Thank you SO much for your assitance. 

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live- need help creating a bootable usb

Hi garrcomp,


Your post probably doesn't really belong in a Linux thread - although the flash installer creation may be similar.


First: for the record, is your machine a Miix 720 or an Ideapad 720 - or even a Yoga 720?


I've never run into a machine that required a GPT-formatted flash installer.  MBR has always worked for me but perhaps that's changed w/new models....


NTFS is not the format to use for a UEFI installer.  Most mache BIOSen require FAT32.


If you have a RAID/AHCI option in BIOS you probably also need the iRST driver - if you're installing from MS media.  Lenovo media for your machine should already include it.


What I'd suggest is setting your machine to OS-optimized BIOS defaults, constructing an MBR/FAT32 flash drive, and copying your UEFI-bootable media to it.  (The _contents_ of the media if it's an ISO.)  If it boots but can't see the target drive, you need the iRST driver.  (Use the F6 zip file from the Intel site and put its contents in a folder on your install drive.  browse to that if the drive isn't seen using the "Load driver" option.)



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Re: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live- need help creating a bootable usb

Hello Zoltanthegypsy, 


I apologize for putting this question in the incorrect thread, however I really appreciate your response! To start off this is a Miix 720 121KB Ideapad? That's what it states when i pull up the warranty information anyway. 


I performed the steps you had instructed, and I was able to get a fresh copy of windows 10 loaded!

1. loaded factory defaults on Miix 720, then entered bios and disabled secure boot and enabled legacy mode w/UEFI boot first. Nothing else was changed in the bios. 

2. Created bootable USB ( and also added the iRSTf6 zip contents into the flash drive (

Rufus obviously didn't work here, this has to be done manually...

3.Started Miix 720 and entered boot menu and booted from USB and it worked! I did have to load the iRST driver you had suggested to add to the USB because the device didn't recognize any drives. 


Thank you so much for your assistance! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to right up instructions for me and potentially other people with a similar issue. 

Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad MIIX 720 12IKB not able to UEFI boot from Live- need help creating a bootable usb

Always use "image writer" to install the openSUSE ISO to an USB installer thumb drive.

The image writer adds a special and separate UEFI boot (system) partition.  This partition stores the special files for you to boot and install openSUSE.


Post your questions on the forum website.

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