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Suspend/resume on 520S-14IKB

Intermittently, my 520S-14IKB will not resume from suspend. It seems to happen more often than not when I open the lid after it's been in suspend for more than 6 hours.


When I open the lid, all I get is a black screen, and I have to hold down the power button. It never gets to the point where it can log an error message, so it seems there is something going on at the hardware level.


I think probably an important piece of information is that my boot and root partitions are on the NVME drive, with /home and /var being on the SATA drive.


I've tried some different recommendations such as disabling the hard resets on SATA port, and disabling ACPI hot plug module. The SATA "fix" caused a bunch of sector errors after resuming from suspend, and the ACPI hot plug module disabling did not address the problem.


I'm currently on kernel 4.17.6 (running Fedora 28).


Looking to see if anyone has had similiar experiences?

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Re: Suspend/resume on 520S-14IKB

I have the same problem with Ideapad 520 15IKB on Ubuntu 16.04.05 using Linux kernel 4.15.0-42-generic #45~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP

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