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Blue Screen Again
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T460p Linux Skylake and discrete graphic card concerns



I want to buy the thinkpad T460p, but I am concerned wether the discrete graphic card and the skylake processor will work on linux. I also use multiple screens at work, so this have to be supported. Currently I have a W540, but the setup is not working good since I cannot disable the Intel graphics card.


The laptop I am looking on is named 20FW003PMD


Processor: Intel Core i7 (6. Gen) 6820HQ / 2.7 GHz ( 3.6 GHz ) / 8 MB Cache

Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX / Intel HD Graphics 530 - 2 GB


The ideally situration would be that the Intel card would be disabled in the bios.


Are there any linux users, which can tell me, if I can buy it or have to look after another laptop?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T460p Linux Skylake and discrete graphic card concerns



I do have a T460p (i7-6700HQ/940MX) running Fedora 24, and the experience so far is pretty good.


Unfortunately the graphics are not switchable in the BIOS.

But the nvidia GPU is currently not supported under linux anyway Smiley Wink


The good thing is:

Contrary to Lenovos documentation, all display outputs including docking port are in fact wired to the intel iGPU, 

so you don't need to mess with optimus at all if you don't need the 3D performance.

So for me, connecting external displays both directly and through a dock works just fine.


It would be very nice to be able to disable the NVIDIA GPU in the BIOS though. Lenovo, please?

Whoever had the idea to put a midrange consumer GPU into a business notebook needs to recheck the target group of this machine...




What's DOS?
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Re: T460p Linux Skylake and discrete graphic card concerns

This site says that the graphic card is supported:
I haven't tested it but maybe someone did?

Paper Tape
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Re: T460p Linux Skylake and discrete graphic card concerns

Just in case anyone is looking for this. I have a T460p and both the intel and nvidia graphics works. I use bbswitch to turn off the nvidia card.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T460p Linux Skylake and discrete graphic card concerns

FYI you can disable completely the discrete video (and machine becomes much more stable and power efficient) by kernel command line options.


Add this to the kernel command line in `/etc/default/grub`:

rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau nouveau.modeset=0

Also uninstall nvidia proprietary drivers if you happen to have them installed already.

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