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Thinkpad Workstation Dock 40A5 (for P50) and Linux

I am having a whole range of display problems trying to setup dual external monitors using the DisplayPorts on the ThinkPad Workstation Dock model 40A5 with a TP P50 running  Linux.  Most notably, only one DisplayPort works and only in conjunction with the internal ThinkPad monitor; I never see both external monitors in the Display setup utility.  So I can not get the DisplayPort/DisplayPort combination to work.  Also, the VGA/DisplayPort combination does not work.  Just very bizarre behavior.  I am using RHEL 7.2. Has anyone had luck making this combination work?



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Re: Thinkpad Workstation Dock 40A5 (for P50) and Linux

Haven't tried it myself, but are using using bumblebee optirun stuff or nvidia prime support?  I'd suspect the answer lies in the gpu support being properly configured somewhere.


Not sure on that model, but it's possible that the docking station video ports are not connected to the Intel or the Nvidia (one or the other) and you need to force the right driver when docked.

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Re: Thinkpad Workstation Dock 40A5 (for P50) and Linux


Same Workstation on Thinkpad P50 running on the latest Linux Mint. No matter which display I can configure the external monitor for the first time but when I undock it and put it back to the dock everything gets ruined and the screen on my laptop starts going on and off like crazy while the monitor is all black. 

Everything works fine when I dont use the dock and attach the monitor directly to computer. At this point the dock is useless for me Smiley Sad

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