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Thinkpad x1 yoga touch screen and linux issues

I have recently purchased lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga from Germany. I have tried to install different versions of linux ubuntu in dual boot, but none of them seems to work. It boots from the bootable usb and gives the live ubuntu and install ubuntu options but when you enter then it displays a blank screen and nothing happens afterwards.


I am facing another issue pretty consistently that the touch screen becomes unresponsive most of the times. When i use the pen it works fine but it does not works with my fingers. Looking forward to some solution as its pretty annoying experiencing such bugs in such an expensive machine. Thanks

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Re: Thinkpad x1 yoga touch screen and linux issues

This is more likely than not an issue with Ubuntu, and not Lenovo related. So far the only Ubuntu version of date that supports Intel 6th Gen CPUs is Ubuntu 16.04. Do you know what version of Ubuntu you were trying to install? If it was < 16.04, that's part of the issue. If it is 16.04 try running it in live mode, and see what happens. If it still remains at a black screen, then more likely than not hd520 isn't supported for it just yet.


I'm not sure what your background in Linux is, so you should check out the support forums on Ubuntu. There is probably some one already working on a work around for this issue, or if there isn't, there will be soon. Alot of times, Linux doesn't play nicely with the newest gear. It's probably a good idea for you to look into virtual box. It's a good way to test out new flavors of linux distros, and to get an idea of their compatibility with your hardware.

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Re: Thinkpad x1 yoga touch screen and linux issues

In response to customer reports of intermittent touchscreen function failure on X1 Yoga (Type 20FQ and 20FR) after resuming from sleep or when the lid is opened or closed, Lenovo has made a solution via touchscreen firmware available via download from the Lenovo Forums.


The beta touchscreen firmware can be downloaded from this Lenovo Forums link:


Please provide feedback regarding this beta in the discussion above to assist Lenovo with gauging the success of the firmware.


Thank you,


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Re: Thinkpad x1 yoga touch screen and linux issues

actually I'm facing the same issue, it doesn't get into live ubuntu, stays on ubuntu loading buttons and thats it

I found but don't know where to write the intel_pstate=disable when pressing e during boot, is it at the middle of the line that starts with linux ?
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Re: Thinkpad x1 yoga touch screen

Have installed firmware update.  STILL NO TOUCHSCREEN.

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