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Paper Tape
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Ubuntu 7.10 not working in ThinkCentre A55

I use Windows XP Professional edition and also Ubuntu 7.10  linux installed from the CD which I got through Post from  Netherlands. My problem is, when Ubuntu loads the  monitor (lenovo L151) displays a message "bios bug #81 found", "can't load bridge 7 of...." and "Input Signal out  of range". Also if I run Ubuntu CD as a live CD sound gets 
 muted and when I boot into Windows XP the sound has to be enabled each time. These problems repeat every time.      My  friend uses same Operating Systems with an ordinary  assembled PC but faces no problem at all. 
 Another point to be noted is that no such problems are faced by me with Windows XP and it works perfectly.
My Computer's Technical Specifications:
                             Based on 8985-32C: Pentium Dual-Core Processor E2140, 1GB, 160GB 7200RPM SATA HDD, no diskette drive, PCI/PCIe Tower (3x4), Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000, 48x32x48x16x CD-RW/DVD
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ubuntu 7.10 not working in ThinkCentre A55

Was the the MP-BIOS bug? You can apparently get rid of that by appending "noapic" to your boot options. The process is something like this ...

When grub comes up, highlight the boot option you want and then press e to edit it.  Move the cursor to the end of the line and type <space> noapic. It usually comes after the word splash.

If you want you can replace the word spash with the word noapic, so that you can see what's happening as you boot.

There's a full discussion here.

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