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I installed OpenSuse 11.1 on W500. 

One Issue I found is, the computer is hotter(quite obvious) under Linux compare to running on windows.

I checked cpuinfo, its frequency stays at 800mhz most of the time (just like Windows), I don't know which parts generate so much heat.  Maybe the unused AMD graphic core? (I set to use integrated GPU in BIOS)





Some customers have reported the following behaviour:


With BIOS set to switchable, console mode, ATI card always above +50C, lots of heat.

With BIOS set to integrated, console or graphics mode, ATI card temperature unreadable, the output air temperature seems to be cool.

With BIOS set to discrete, console mode, ATI card above +50C.

With BIOS set to discrete, graphics mode with fglrx driver, ATI card at 34C, warm discharge air temp.


Consequently, it seems that the dedicated GPU, when active is responsible for higher system temps. Some drivers can provided reduced temp and better control, but perhaps not to the same degree as within Windows. For lowest system temp and battery life under Linux, suggest setting your BIOS to integrated graphics.

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