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Yoga 730 13: Debian or Ubuntu Compatibility?

I'm looking to get the Yoga 730 13" (Part 81CT001QUS) and am wondering how well it works with Linux. I've read a few posts here that suggest it works but I'd like to hear some first-hand accounts and perhaps those who are using Linux with it can provide me with some specific details that I'd like to know.


On my desktop machine I use Gnome 3 in Debian but Ubuntu is fine if I needed to use that with the 730. I want to know if there are any challenges with installation

or if it will pretty much install and work out of the box.


Does any of the hardware not work or require special attention?


What's battery life like in Linux?


More specifically, how does it work in tablet mode (with the keyboard folded behind)?


  • Does the touchscreen work for things like scrolling, selecting links, etc. in something like Firefox?
  • Does it Gnome 3 have an on-screen keyboard for entering text while in tablet mode?
  • Does screen rotation, etc. work?

I'd be using this as a laptop during the day (for working) and a tablet at night (for web browsing/reading).


I'm quite tech savvy so I can handle working in the terminal, compiling, etc. but this would be a primary machine for me so the less of that I have to do the better.


Thanks in advance.

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