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What's DOS?
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Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop Linux Only Bios

Hi, I was looking for the new BIOS that would allow me to install Linux on my Yoga.   Unfortunately, I found one for the 13ISK2 and the 13ISK for BIZ.  None for vanilla 13ISK.  Am I not looking hard enough?


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Re: Yoga 900-13ISK Laptop Linux Only Bios

Hello and welcome,


I've moved your post to the Linux forum.


I guess you're referring to the BIOS mods that added AHCI mode to the original RAID-only SATA configuration so Linux could see the drive.  (???)


The vanilla ISK had a SATA SSD and was AHCI.  It didn't need an updated BIOS.  Here's a screenshot of a Ubuntu live installer on mine.  The SSD is definitely visible as an installation target.  Don't recall if I actually installed Linux it.




Screenshot from 2016-05-31 16-26-48.png

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