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Vibe P1m long time to charge



It takes me more than 10 hours to fully charge the battery, this is a long time by most standards and seems unexpectedly long give Lenovo's advertised fast charging capability.   What can I check to solve the problem?




I solved this problem by rechecking my charger adapter and data cable, make sure YOU PLUGGED your cable in well and exactly to your phone.

Additional note:  Not all phone and tablet chargers deliver the same current capacities and mixing and matching chargers and USB cables may affect charge times.

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czk9 On 2016-01-18, 15:13 PM

I don´t think it will help.If you plug it in power, it will work if pluged correctly, if incorrectly it will not charge the phone.I pay attention when charging my phone but it still takes 4Hrs to chrge it full. So where is that obtion of quick charge? This phone really need update ASAP.

suramnaveen On 2016-01-21, 11:09 AM


I bought the mobile on january 4th 2016.

1) After a week i got an update 0f 1334MB. am not sure which is the previous version. Now my mobile version is 5.1. 

2) yah i am using two sim cards when see this issue happend. now i have removed second sim. net work mode when this issue happend is 4G/3G/2G auto, now i have chaged to GSM/WCDMA (auto) for better singal. My network operater is Airtel.



If the signal is 4G am getting 3G, If it is 3G am getting 2G signal. If it is 2G am not getting the signal. Please solve my my issue am bored of this mobile. And let me know if any of the service centers in bangalore, India. can solve this issue. i have warrenty for this mobile too.

andresgl On 2016-02-09, 12:46 PM

I don't know if Lenovo knows the comcep of "fast charging"... hehe my VIBE P1 takes ages to get 100% of charge.

I have a 7500MaH PowerBank and only takes not more than3 hours...

DallasCZ On 2016-02-15, 10:46 AM


what has your issue to do with proper fast charge ? 

And if you select GSM/WCDMA (auto) you can only have 2G or 3G connection.

And have you done a factory reset afte rthe big update? Its good always to do a factory reset afte ran update when you encounter some problems.


Pradosh On 2016-05-25, 5:36 AM

Vibe P1m is facing too many problems which needs to be sorted out.


ADMIN please tell us if Lenovo has any future plans to stabilize the current OS or wheter it will provide the 6.0 MARSHMALLOW upgrade.


Note: Why VIBE P1m is not listed in Lenovo Android MATRIX page ?????

Musabesni On 2016-06-14, 14:55 PM

Lenovo update team is worst from all brands...i dont know how this is possible..big company with low knowledge on android sistem.

kurosagi_ichigo On 2016-07-11, 13:28 PM
Well, first of all.... are you using the correct charger? second thing, the voltage of your wall socket plays a big role in battery charging. in my experience, initial charging took me 4-5 hours on a 220 volts wall socket. After that, from 15% to 100% took me 1 1/2 hours of charging time, which is very impressive. When I tried it on other charger and 110v wall socket, It took me a whoopping 8 hours charging time just to get to 90%, and that's from 50% remaining battery life.
Masterminded On 2016-08-29, 5:36 AM

I have fast charge issue


I have brought the new Lenovo P1 turbo on 26.08.2016. I have updated the system when I unboxed it. My phone is running pretty smooth and I am happy with the battery life. 


1st time I charged the phone. It charged fully with the fast charge. The problem I'm facing is when I connect my phone to the socket, it shows fast charging, but automatically goes to normal charging. Now it's taking 3 hours to fully charge the phone. Original box products used. Other wires also used but issue remains the same. 



Is there any issue with the phone?


JaneNguyen On 2016-09-14, 5:10 AM
I begin feel doubt about this battery phone when I saw your article and comment. I bought this phone about 6 months and now I face with the battery charge problem. First I think my adaptor charger or cable had error. So I ordered new quick charger from Aukey. But that is not solve my problem. My phone charge fully over 10 hours. That can not acceptable! Anyone admin in Lenovo can answer this problem from us? I really lost many faith in you now.

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