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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-15, 16:42 PM

Thanks a lot Andy Lenovo - really helpfull !!!


..can You even confirm, that lenovo is working on update or  doing something related to battery drain issue??!!!..if you even read the complete tread,you may would consider, that root and another ROM is also way,how to solve this (and if somebody don´t know how to do it is sensefull, if somebody help him here-or is not enought, that he is already pis*ed of  by Lenovo failure software? he must jump like monkey from one tread to another? :_D-..... Lenovo is loosing points here..!!! I would buy Yoga, but now I would do more kick box to lenovo..


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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-15, 19:53 PM
Developers must resolve this issue otherwise it's a good phone. But this issue is preventing many consumers to buy this phone. Please developers do something if you are even listening.

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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-15, 21:44 PM
You are all so funny. Which developers ?! LENOVO have to do something, not developers!!!. If you are looking for developers certainly you will find them on Russian forums :)

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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-15, 22:06 PM
he was talking about Lenovo developers!
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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-15, 21:45 PM



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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-17, 14:53 PM

I have uninstaled couple apps. Which could use ex. Gps (trip Advisor.hotel tonight...) and after 3,5 days of medium using 50%..but i still hope in update.. lenovo write something, guys from hardware dep. Made good job,,but soft.dep made beta version level of software



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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-21, 19:59 PM

Maybe it helps also others:
I installed "OS Monitor" app. In the settings of the app I let the app display "CPU load graph/chart" in the upper notification area of the phone screen.
It was displaying constant usage of CPU about 80% even though I didn't perform any interaction on the screen. "OS Monitor" showed as the culprit process the "System". I RESTARTED THE PHONE.
Now after about one day and one battery charge in the meantime it can deep sleep. I have "OS Mmonitor" constantly running, displaying the "CPU load graph". It is now displaying no CPU activity, resp. up to 20% load when no interaction on the screen is performed.
So, the RESTART of the phone helped this time and I wonder how long it will work.


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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-02-22, 1:42 AM
yeah i also restarted my phone and checked cpu was sleeping well but after long time it stops sleeping and starts running.....
we need permanent solution for this!!!
see this pic...

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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-03-09, 21:16 PM

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Re: P1m does not SLEEP

2016-03-16, 7:44 AM

when phone not in use battery drain after latest update to s029 of 248mb update cpu awake all time plz give solution to me


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