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Blue Screen Again
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Dead pixels at Lenovo P780

This message was written by members of the largest and reputable in Russia forum for discussion of such devices as smartphones -
We are the consumers of your products, exactly phone Lenovo P780. Most of the owners of this smartphone, detected that it  has a significant disadvantage - dead pixels, which caused a great resonance among the owners and potential buyers. On some devices, the number of pixels more than 10 units (points)
We are not familiar with acceptable standards of this defect in smartphones your company, but it is believed that corporate standards Lenovo should qualify it as a defect. Judging by the large percentage of devices with this problem - it is a mass defect.

The second problem which was detected by our users - screen flicker. To some extent, it is present in the majority of the users of Lenovo P780

Most of the devices, was acquired from the first  batches, under the mediation of the big sellers from Shenzhen, on the trading platform called Aliexpress.

In this regard, we on the rights of consumers of your products, would like to get answers to several questions:
Do you know  in your company on the presence of such defect?
What steps are being taken to eradicate it?
Does the defect spread to the others or will it be on the subsequent parties?

Yours faithfully, the forum participants

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Paper Tape
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Re: Dead pixels at Lenovo P780

Hi Kollin ,

I do appreciate you raising this concern to lenovo!
I also have the lenovo P780 handset and i do experience this screen flickering thing happen now days , and bad part is i feel it is increasing with time !
Although ive had this handset for a month , i do see that the flickering issue seems to happen more often now !
Its a real concern ! Im really skeptical about this brand now Smiley Sad
Although i love the features and evrything else buttt this flickering issue is something that really bothers me and is not at all negligible !
I really hope to see Lenovo fix this issue ASAP for all effected Users to regain back the confidence and trust of consumers !!
Hope to see a solution !

Sid khan
What's DOS?
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Re: Dead pixels at Lenovo P780



i'm in Indonesia and i hesitate to buy P780 because of there are a lot of devices was dead pixel / bright pixel detected...


a lot of my friends are canceling purchase P780 after they open the box and check the device.


please lenovo, higher your standards of quality control...

this is a mass defect... it's embarassing for huge international companies such as Lenovo...


your faithfully

What's DOS?
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Re: Dead pixels at Lenovo P780

Thank you, friends.

Lenovo doesn't hurry to answer.

I almost bought this phone

Paper Tape
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Re: Dead pixels at Lenovo P780

 Plz can anybody explain me wat is dead pixel....i dnt knw i might be facing the same.

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