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Some Causes Of Phones Getting Hot

These are some of the multiple features which can produce heat in a smartphone, these include amongst others; network conditions, data usage (more if 3G/4G); any apps using audio video & data - gaming, bluetooth, GPS and of course charging.


It is not unexpected that when a smartphone is used and configured for the first time that a number of these features will be in use at the same time therefore causing the smartphone to feel warm. Generally after purchase a new owner will test all components; utilizing Audio / Video features to explore the extent to which these can be used, account configuration such as Gmail with a restoration of contacts which provokes a higher than normal level of data, WLAN / WWAN usage and not to mention the installation of multiple applications. Another noticeable effect is a reduction in the expected battery life; all of the features require power.


After examining customer useage logs it was found that the three main causes for a smartphone feeling warmer than usual were;


  1. Frequent camera usage which also involves the cpu which runs algorithms for image enhancement.
  2. Playing games which will put the smartphone's cpu to it's higest frequency limit for extended periods.
  3. Using 3G/4G networs for data transfer; busy RF traffic will produce heat.


All of the above can individually cause the temperature of a smartphone to potentially rise up to 10+° C above the current ambient temperature, so if when playing an online game a phone call were to be received the smartphone could feel considerably warmer than expected especially when placed against naked skin such as an ear. A combination of the above can accelerate the time needed for a rise in operating temperature.


Taking the above points into consideration it is likely that a customer will experience a rise in smartphone operating temperature when the smartphone is new;


  • During the first days after intial purchase, (or factory reset after an upgrade), a customer will utilize the audio and video functions of the smartphone to full extent whilst exploring the different features.
  • Data usage will be high during the time that Google and other accounts are being configured and sychronized on the smartphone.
  • Various applications will be installed and functionality tested alongside voice calls and web browsing.


It is not possible to examine each individual usage secnario which could arise; after all each person will use their smartphone and it's features in a different manner. However, hopefully the above explains some of these scenarios and reasons why a smartphone may at times produce heat.

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Manojvahinipat On 2016-02-29, 12:25 PM
Unacceptable answer, where other competition phones remediated after system updates. Writing with a pain that phone manufacturer is not receptive to the complaints and reserved by posting in forum stating user has to live with overheating problem. Manufacturing high configuration device only is not an accomplishment, performance and maintenance is equally important. Reasons of buying this phone is the brand and this model is due to latest configuration. There must be a solution. Request being receptive and show some work refining OR optimizing OS TWEAKS EMBEDDED WITH UPDATES.
warm regards
Sachin3 On 2016-03-03, 17:34 PM
Un acceptble answer

What do you mean I m using one time one app but mobile is heating
Blud On 2016-03-15, 8:17 AM

also,by watching youtube alone vibe p1m causes heat do you think the 1GHZ clock speed is the culprit instead of 1.3ghz like the huawei with the same mtk6732m or mtk6735m

Blud On 2016-03-15, 8:18 AM

sorry,it was mtk6735p

Siddharth2395 On 2016-03-27, 4:08 AM

Dear Mod, 


I use VIBE P1m. My phone hits 54 degree celsius when its plugged in. I use the standard 5V/2A charger that shipped with the device. With airplane mode, it reaches somewhere around 50. When play games, I could see my phone hit 58 degrees and once MTK thermal manager popped up stating phone is overheating and it turned off my device. Fyi, I didn't even use the plastic back cover that got shipped with the device (the freebie) and I was using the phone without screen guard, indoor. Ambient room temperature was 35 degree celsius. So you are gonna say that I should use my phone less so that it does not overheat? Or should I use a liquid nitro cooling system to reduce the heat? Please enlighten me!


Update - I used a IR temp gun and it showed 62.9 near the camera module. After half an hour of gaming via WiFi

dannykp77 On 2016-04-16, 4:01 AM

sorry to say,


My phone heats up so badly once mobiledata or wifi turned on. This happened after a recent update and the battery drains so fast. I used to keep my net connectivity on always either via wifi or mobile data and even then got the battery to run two full days(48hrs). But now within 24 hours the entire battery gets drained and phones shutdowns.

George_K1 On 2016-08-08, 6:44 AM
I have an Lenovo a2010-a, and it gets a bit warm when i do intensive gaming and/or when activly using cellular data. The phone charges quite quickly with it's stock charger. Completely satisfied with the phone, and I can't see where the problem with other users is.
Janice_Greene On 2016-08-29, 15:50 PM
I have noticed since I installed the sd card, my MOTOG4 heats up very badly while charging.
hdesk On 2016-11-08, 12:39 PM
That is Lenovo, no one force you to buy it, live with it OR SELL IT AND NEVER BUY IT AGAIN. They don't care, they just want to sell , that is the whole thing.

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