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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cant change default launcher

Hello beszedesroland,
You know Google App is a suspicious dropping by google. It does nothing, just put restrictions, and collect algorithms from users to smartly grow itself into a mandatory app like Google Play Services. Which only keeps track on your private activities, and everything.
So anything that is rigged with Google App, should be suspicious right? In fact there is no reason for such association.
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Re: Cant change default launcher

Google is developing these two applications, you should ask from them if you want clear answers.

I only know that if you want to use the Google Now Launcher, the installed and enabled Google app is a requirement.


Why? I don't know, I did not tried to find answer to this (I use Nova Launcher, so...).

Maybe it makes sense, maybe they just put this requirement only because they want. Smiley Happy




Lenovo TAB4 10 PLUS (Model number: Lenovo TB-X704F, Build number: TB-X704F_S000055_180507_ROW)
Lenovo P2 (Model number: P2a42, Lineage OS 16.0-20190715-NIGHTLY-kuntao)
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cant change default launcher

Yes I understand. I was also looking at the pictures of nova launcher. For my Yoga book it doesn't seem right. Because I want the bottom task bar with 'back, home, apps' icons grouped on the left side. Nova and Apex have them in center.

Paper Tape
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Re: Cant change default launcher

You don't have to remove the app. You can try this approach first.

  1. Go to app Settings
  2. Click on the Apps manager or applications manager depending on your phone configuration
  3. Locate the Lenovo launcher app
  4. Tap on the app and click on the storage icon
  5. Tap on clear caches

The above steps should work. If it doesn't check other approaches to fix, unfortunately, Lenovo Launcher has stopped.

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