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Punch Card
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Re: Update to Android O


 Even the Lenovo phones with Android 6.0 got last security update pack as Nov 5 2017 but phones running 7.0 have same patch.Then what's the difference between these phones?

Punch Card
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Re: Update to Android O

Although lenovo is a very nice phone, software support is unfortunately a huge zero.


Even if we do not hear the name of the Chinese many phone support even now oreo, lenovo still continues to sell to the world's P2 will not give oreo.


therefore lenovo will lose many customers after that.


I sold the phone over a very poor understanding of the conception.

you need to learn to give importance to your customers.


They don't even get a little update to fix many errors in nougat.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Update to Android O

Yeap, me too. Even though the android is almost stock but without update  its just useless. Sold my lenovo and buy mate 20. Im happy with the camera, ui and update from huawei. 😊😊

What's DOS?
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Re: Update to Android O Never buy Lenovo

I made the mistake of buying a Lenovo phone don't you buy one nor a Motorola phone.  How can a tech company decide to kill a 2 yr old phone?  I bought the phone because ZTE did the same thing. I would have thought with Lenovo they would be better - NOPE.   Phone is ok but nothing special.  Just buy a nice used LG or Samsung or any brand buy Lenovo nor buy any Lenovo products - how shortsighted of a tech company.

Punch Card
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Re: Update to Android O

My P2 is still under warranty, but Lenovo doesnt provide any security updates, security patch date is 1st november 2017. It seems that custom firmware is more secure than official one. So I can have warranty OR secure device.

Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

Flashed my 3y old Vibe P2 to Android 9 via LineageOS 16.0, with Gapps Pico. 

Everything works like a breeze. 

Banking apps work.

Camera supports now RAW via Google API2 (Open Camera App) .

Battery lastst even longer.

Sound quality seems a bit better (HD sound via Plantronics Headset is more stable then before).

No longer working the hard buttoned extreme battery saver (though a similar setting it can be put on in the settings). 

OTA update possible (even daily.

Very pleased until now.

I will try to keep it another year or so. 

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