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Punch Card
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Re: Update to Android O

What about security updates so we can use bankapps etc etc in a safe way ?????


The phone was released November 2016 and latest security Patch is November 2017, i fully understand why people is complaining.


As for myself i wait a few months and if No updates the phone goes down the garbage can and i Will never ever buy a Lenovo/Moto product.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Update to Android O

Guys, we arrived at a point that chinese devs touch kernel code and while upgrading Linux version to the latest one you get much conflicts! And the most important code CAF tags, isn't possible to upgrade with everything working! When I upgrade it, fast charge stops working. Lol. Source code without log, only a compressed package... The best thing is uploading kernel on github, not on a proprietary website! Anyway, Lenovo made a big mistake while projecting this device. It's ok everything, but software... Bad bad stuff. I'm so angry! I really want to talk to some devs that worked on this device! It doesn't need so much time for upgrading phone and make it better... 2 days are needed for upgrading kernel from 3.18.31 to the latest 3.18.115 and for Qualcomm source code 5 minutes, the base is LA.UM.5.6.r1-02100-89xx.0 and the latest is LA.UM.5.6.r1-08200-89xx.0 (for Android 7.1.2) or LA.UM.6.6.r1-09000-89xx.0 (for Android 8.1.0). So we need at least a better base, not Android 7.0, but at least 7.1.2... 

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Re: Update to Android O

I tweeted my convcrens to Lenovo and ThreeUK and was given a link yo a customer feedback survey:

I went on to reply directly to lenovo:

think you will find many Lenovo P2 owners are unhappy as we have been sold a decent enough handset but have had no updates to the OS or security patches which will be 2 years old in October. The problem for Lenovo is this negative experience will affect people's choices when buying other hardware - I had a great Lenovo LT when I was working as a Project Manager but would hesitate to buy one after my negative experience with the P2. All it needed was some updates ....... your choice

What's DOS?
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Re: Update to Android O

I bought a P2 one year ago after using a Motorola G4.


I loved this phone since I've heard that it won't get no update to Oreo.


I don't understand Lenovo policies, I'm deeply disappointed and for sure that will affect my choice regarding the next phone I will buy...


Wattie from France

Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

I just wanted to update my moto g5 plus to android Oreo 8.1
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Update to Android O

P2 is the flagship device of lenovo company and we are quite happy with the device hardware but the soware is quite outdated as of now standards and almoat every snapdragon 625 device now a days has at least an oreo update , few have also promised to provide android p

We all P2 users demand a OREO update from the company

Levovo please start working on this . Updates are one of the best ways for you to keep your costumers happy

But if the things are like this we might need to shift

Also don't just post the stupid computer generated link that says we dont provide this kind of info check the list for futute updates ...

And start working on oreo for p2 or at least make it stock oreo


Admin note; post merged in, subject edited.

Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

How it is possible lenovo P2 Oreo 8.0 update
Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

Custom ROM only.

Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

There should be paid upgrade service. You want to have latest software upgrade you need to pay for it. As simple as that.

Nowadays phone vendors are so greedy they want you to buy a new phone.

Paper Tape
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Re: Update to Android O

No doubt this is one of my best phones I owned so far.  

But without any reasonable upgrade-policy there will be no more Lenovo for me. 


And we're back...

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