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Why has there been no phone similar to the Lenovo P2 in the past two years?

2019-08-26, 6:49 AM

Hello everyone,,

To those unaware this was a budget device that rocked a SD625, A Super AMOLED and to top it all off a 5100MaH battery that launched in 2016.

It just baffles me that Lenovo was able to make a device like this in 2016 and we've yet to see any other manufacturer come out with a similarly specced device.

Is there a reason why no one besides Lenovo has done it? Is it just not profitable to create a device with specifications like those?

Edit: Yes I get that there are a lot of phones with a 5000Mah battery, I'm talking about phones with both a big battery and an OLED, the only ones with both those are the Lenovo P2, the Asus Zenfone Zoom 3 and arguably the Mi Max 2/3.


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Re: Why has there been no phone similar to the Lenovo P2 in the past two years?

2019-08-26, 9:52 AM

Samsung A70 is the closest I've seen. A mid-ranger with 4500mah and AMOLED Screen.


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Re: Why has there been no phone similar to the Lenovo P2 in the past two years?

2019-10-03, 14:36 PM
I would also be interested in a next gen with updated P2 specs. Long battery life, and then pereferably 3 card slots: 2 sim and a memory slot, like the asus zenphone2-64gb, but that one had no long battery life.
I also like the metal case.

let's see wht will come

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Re: Why has there been no phone similar to the Lenovo P2 in the past two years?

2019-11-09, 20:47 PM

There are actually plenty of phones available with a big 5,000+ mAh battery and OLED display but this does not necessarily mean better battery life. It's more about how the battery is best utilised and what you do with the phone.


For example, a phone like the Samsung M30 has an OLED display and a 5,000 mAh battery. However, it also has a much bigger screen with higher resolution so that right there is more drain for the battery. Same with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 that has a a bigger 5,260 mAh battery but a massive 6.47" screen pushing the same true HD 1080 res as the Samsung. It too has above average battery life but nothing special.


Battery technology has not actually evolved much over the years which means that it relies on software optimisations to squeeze out every last bit of performance. That's why Google started to focus on battery performance starting with Marshmallow as there is only so much you can do with the battery technology save putting in a bigger battery.


I agree, it's a shame that Lenovo has yet to follow up the P2 with a proper battery powerhouse for road warriors.

I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal experience and willingness to help others as a volunteer.

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