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Paper Tape
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can't sign in google account

While holding I accidentally hold for a while turn on/off button on your smartphone LENOVO P2s42. I'm not certain if I could press something else, too.
After that I couldn't sign in ‎to Gmail or Google account even if I input correct name and password and I was able to sign in on other devices. At the same time I've lost contacts, groups of contacts, alarm setting and some application setting have change on my phone. 
Photos, music and videos stayed on my phone unchanged. I tried to restart the phone but it didn't help. I tried to delete‎ my Google account and create it again but it didn't work. 
I cannot open:
Google - sign in - ‎I get a notice "checking of information" - add your account (after signing in and agreeing with the terms conditions there's again notice "checking of information" and then notice "there has been a mistake, try again later" I've been trying this for 3 days without any change.
I've noticed that even though Gmail and Google say that there has been created no account and has been added no email address after trying of creating Google account there has appear menu - 3 horizontal stripes in left top corner. I'm able to get to the menu: settings, accounts and security of privacy - Google account (signed out for Google search and no feed can be shown)
But in "accounts and security of privacy" where I can see my activity I can see my activity on all devices and even though my phone application says there has been created no account, I can see my activity created by my phone (where there no account)
Also after trying to sign in Google account on my smartphone ( where there is still notice that there is no Google account) ‎and chcecking my activity on my Google account on different device I can see my lenovo phone as sign in the account. 
Bit Torrent
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Re: can't sign in google account

Hi Dominika, 


Are all your Google Apps updated? If not yet, please update them and try signing in again. 




Moto-Lenovo Support 

Paper Tape
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Re: can't sign in google account without VPN software

I countnt able to open play store application also countnt able to login gmail appliction due unable to connect with google server. Although once open the 'VPN' application, everything has been properly working. (Gmail's, Play store, News hunt etc.....)

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