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Paper Tape
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very low microphone volume

Hi! i'm new about this community, i was an happy Lenovo P780 owner untill last week when it's become unstable and now it's totally dead...

I have bought a reconditionated P2 from Amazon, it's like new but has a big problem with the mic! to rec somthing you must scream indeed!
Android Nougat 7.0
Rom: P2a42_USR_S251_1711071106_r08000.1_ROW_it

Some one can help me? i've read that some one have solved this problem with a Marshmallow to Nougat upgrade, but i already have the last upgrade aviable installed..

Former Employee
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Re: very low microphone volume

Hi Snake_165,


Welcome to the community! This is odd. Is this happening all the time or to any particular place only? Are you using a headset on calls? Is the same issue occurring while using the speakerphone or a headset? Are you using any third party app for the call?

*Check for anything that might be covering the microphone
* Ensure that you are not covering the microphone or speaker on the device.
* Ensure the protective film that ships with the device has been removed.
* If you are using a case, cover or screen protector on the device, please remove and try without it.

Let us know.


Moto-Lenovo Support































































Paper Tape
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Re: very low microphone volume


unfortunatly the problem is always persent, no third party apps, nothing cover the mic.. anyway, since the phone come from Amazon warehouse as "riconditionated" i'll return it and i'll try another one, maybe i have been only unlucky...

Paper Tape
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Re: very low microphone volume

I have the same problem with my MotoG5Plus.  It started about 2 days ago.  All the phone microphone uses are too low to be heard.  The microphone works with google apps such as Duo and Assistant,  AND using earbuds with microphone allows the phone to work normally.


I think it is a software problem.  I have tried safe reboots and other changes in the system.....Nothing fixes the problem.  There is a permanent slash (as though muted) across the mute symbol on the phone app.  When I press the mute symbol the slash does not go away, instead the microphone goes to full Mute.


This complaint has been made other places about the Moto, but there has never been a fix presented

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