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Re: ERROR 95

2009-04-18, 1:21 AM

Then why the heck am I getting a message from the T Vantage message center telling me to use it??  This company seems Mickey Mouse! 


Are any of these messages any good or should I just turn them off?  


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 6:30 AM

This is a serious error of judgment. It is never a good idea to take-away from me something that I have paid for. When I purchase a laptop which touts ThinkVantage solutions as part of the deal, I feel cheated if it was to be taken away at a later date.


Not the best way to engender confidence. 

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 10:19 AM

After 19 days and 16 pages in this thread, not an answer from Lenovo.


Obviously they don't care. 

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 10:54 AM
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System Updates (COST CUTTING)???

2009-04-19, 12:23 PM

Dear Lenovo Owners, 


I have been a die hard fan of the think pads and I have been using them for the last 15 years. Different machines and models but as Lenovo had taken over it was a taken over by one of the top and best pc makers in China and I am sure that they had many hidden cost cuttings but the way the cost is being cut down its same as they are may be unknowingly turning away some loyal customers like me because its easier to update the system by going in and just downlaoding the required update drivers and softwares  just egtting into the suport and driver website its like crazy you have so many models and categories and at times someone like me who has some knowledge downloads the wrong drivers or software updates. I think they have many other things to cut down as sorry to say the quality is compromised and many other things so the only few thinsg that kept me pulling towards the thinkpad is making me rethink and  why not I save some money we pay extra around 30% - 40% for buying a Think Pad machine. 

Kindly its request pls review and then take the big decision as we have not been informed as it must have been displayed atleast 3-6 months so peopel thought before they buy how a sudden step can be taken in this way. Its going to effect alot of users and corporate clients. 


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2009-04-19, 13:30 PM



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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 18:18 PM

Had not used T61P for a few weeks (too busy with office TP60). Dealing with no longer functional update utility today led me to these pages.


Discontinuance of the only true value-added piece of software this product ships with is disheartening. Not providing feasible alternative to address pressing customer needs is outrageous.


One can only hope Lenovo is aware of the potential consequence of these decisions and it's irreversible impact on a strong brand image and loyal user base.   


 PS .  'if it works don't fix it ' does not apply to Windows OS.


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 19:30 PM

They aren't listening. They don't care or don't have the resources to address it. Either way, same end result.


I suggest everyone do what I'm doing: Get by with your current laptop for as long as you can. Don't buy anything from them until the smoke clears. If they come out with a better solution, then upgrade if necessary. If not, search around and see what other companies are offering. No doubt someone will come in and fill the void that Lenovo leaves behind.


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 20:16 PM

Is it a one-way - forum?

All the other Thinkpad-Forums collect more informations than this one



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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-19, 20:17 PM



In the absence of TVSU, is there a simple way for a customer to get a list of the version numbers of all of the currently installed Lenovo applications, drivers, BIOS, etc?


One of our long term clients emailed me today, rather upset, having just attempted to figure out what to update on one of his machines.  It's not an easy process and very time-consuming.  I talked this customer into Thinkpads several years ago, and they have about 50 of various vintages.  He suggested that TVSU must have such code, and that it could be easily extracted and made into a utility.  That would at least make the process tractable.


If that can't be done with TVSU, are you (or anyone else) aware of a utility that extracts a list of driver versions, application versions, etc?  (BIOS is easy to do.)



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