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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-02, 19:44 PM


 I know nobody who can actually make a decision on this issue will be reading my words, but I feel I should speak anyway.


I didn't purchase my notebook from lenovo for the update suite.  But after I purchased the thinkpad, I quickly found how useful the updater was for all the updates that microsoft won't be delivering.  If there was any piece of software that I actually used in the think vantage suite, it was TVSU.  I've actually told friends and colleagues about how great the company is -- how they build tough machines and then they stand by them and continualy update them.  That's right Lenovo -- you had a free salesman working for you because you made the end user happy by giving them something no other company was providing.

Don't get me wrong -- I still love my thinkpad.  It's just now it's a little harder to tell my friends and colleagues that they should buy your product if you aren't willing to stand by your product and make it managable for the consumer to keep their system updated.

I really hope that this isn't the beginning of a downward slide for the comany and for the line of machines this company has prided itself on for years.

My thoughts exactly! I've owned my T61 for about a year now and I've basically sold 7 ThinkPads in that time to my friends and relatives because I've liked the product so much. TVSU has been one of the best software features on a ThinkPad. I've always asked my colleagues for example how much they like updating BIOS on their computers... since my ThinkPad can do it by itself - well not anymore it can't!


I find it even hard to describe how angry I am at the moment. I've always told people that ThinkPads are the only laptops anyone should ever buy, even if they cost a lot more. I am extremely disappointed in Lenovo. I feel like something that I've already bought with high premium has just suddenly been downgraded.




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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-02, 20:59 PM

This is a terrible business decision for so many reasons.


 1) No advance notice for users, and the peremptory disabling of this service shows disrespect to users. That in itself pisses away some brand loyalty.


2) No explanation is given to users for why. Same effect as above.


3) If there is to be som replacement of this tool with something equivalent or better, then this indefinite period of interruption of service shows incompetence at best, and contempt for users at worst.


4) If there is not to be such a replacement, then this a clear degradement of quality for users. It suggests the commitment to quality is no longer important and our main reason for buying Thinkpads is dissappearing.


Not only should the above be corrected whoever made this descision and manged it's execution should be fired.


Between this and the slipping in quality if the tools I've seen since Thinkpad transitioned to Lenovo, will make me think long and hard before buying another, and I've been a Thinkpad loyalist (as has my company) for many years. 


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-02, 21:05 PM

I'd also like to note I'm not generally a fan of the many bloated and uncessary tools that get installed with thinkpads. I have no use for message center, for example. If you have notifications for us, use email, and let us opt-in subscribe for news we care about. But the system update was one tool that always worked well and was actually useful--it provided all the news I wanted or needed from lenovo, which is what updates were available that applied to my specific machine.


If you want to prune down the thinkvantage suite, I applaud that decision, but trim the fat not the meat.


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-02, 21:15 PM

'If you want to prune down the thinkvantage suite, I applaud that decision, but trim the fat not the meat'


Absolutely agree.


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 1:55 AM

Thinkpad owners pay a premium price, and for that we expect a premium product. While some differentation in hardware still exists, the most significant software support differentiator has been removed at a stroke, and with no warning.


I'm extremely disappointed at the removal of System Update and disgusted at the way it was done.


Last year I bought a Dell Mini 9. I was reluctant to buy a Dell as they've had their ups and downs over the years, but there was no Lenovo netbook available at the time. The Mini 9 has proved something of an eye-opener (I now have two of them), and it is far easier to find updates on the Dell website than it is on the Lenovo web site.


The way Lenovo has treated their customers with the withdrawl of System Update, and my positive experience with the Mini 9 will increase the likelyhood I'll not buy another Lenovo. Oh, and as an IBM employee, I get an employee discount on Lenovo gear. (To be clear: I am not however writing this in any way as representing the views of IBM).


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 2:38 AM

The decision to abruptly discontinue ThinkVantage System Update makes me sad. It was so convenient to keep the system up-to-date that way. Yes, we can still use the support website to manually find, download and install updates. But it's just so much less slick and so much more time-consuming. Message Center Plus is not something I leave installed on my ThinkPads; unless Lenovo is making radical changes to it, I don't imagine that it will adequately replace TVSU.


As others have said, TVSU was a key differentiator between ThinkPads and the competition. Time will tell if Lenovo made the right business move. (Although it's pretty clear from ALL of the other comments here that it's the wrong move for customer service right now.)


Results of Your Ideal Business-Class Laptop survey, concluded 2009-07-29.

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 6:49 AM

This is a seriously dumb mistake.  I've got three thinkpads in my house, and was about to order a fourth.  Update made it a breeze to keep the machines up to date.  The software may not have been a "selling point" to new buyers, but it certainly was a "loyalty and retention advantage" to people who had used it.


And by the way -- I've installed "message center plus", on two of my Vista machines, and it seems to randomly display pop-ups about Lenovo sales offers in the system tray.  (There was one recently for the St. Patrick's  day sale.) 


If this is how you intend to inform users that they need driver/software updates, it's a terribly flawed idea:  As the person responsible for the machines in my house (as opposed to my kids, or my technically illiterate spouse), I need to be the one who controls the updates, and makes sure they're installed.  (I also need to be the one who knows what was installed, lest something go wrong.)


Again, this is a really bad idea.


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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 8:19 AM

OK, now there are emotions, but there might some hope... I hope... Let's see:

The note on the support site says:

"For our PC customers, automatic updates via ThinkVantage System Update (TVSU) are being discontinued. Customers can continue to download updates by accessing the Lenovo support site at Lenovo Support & downloads. Lenovo is pursuing alternative solutions for system updates and future offerings will be communicated through the new Lenovo Message Center Plus."

Now I look for that one. Message Center Plus was already installed via TSVU, you should have it. There is a note in the TXT file:

"This package installs Message Center Plus, which alerts you when conditions arise on your computer that require your attention."

And furthermore:

"Message Center Plus disables certain features of Message Center. After installing Message Center Plus:

   1. Message Center will no longer be launched automatically when Windows(R) starts.
   2. The Message Center icon will no longer appear in the system notification area.
   3. The link to Message Center will be removed from the Start menu."

And also there is a note about taking over the message from Power Manager:

"For laptops only:  Message Center Plus relies on ThinkPad Power Manager to assess your laptop's battery health and alert you when you need to replace your battery.  To receive these alerts, you must install ThinkPad Power Manager."

And as the last we have the note from the current TSVU run:

"Lenovo's method to update systems is changing. New updates for your system will continue to be available at www.lenovo.com/support. Launch System Update again in May to enable our new messaging system."

To me it all makes sense in the way that was written here some posts earlier. I think they are trying to make the whole TV suite smaller and present only one program, that will communicate with the user. All the programs will probably still run in the background automatically, but the output will be only through MC+. Whether it is good or bad, hard to say. The AC, the R&R has changed. Both have Basic and Advanced views. May be also MC+ will be splitted like that to allow more control. Basically I do not care about the GUI much as long as I have the control. The Advanced view.

I really hope that I am not terribly wrong here. I have some nervous guts about it as well. We would definitely need some offcial note explaining more, than just be guessing here a getting stomach-ache until the 1-st of May to see what happens.


One thing that stays opened is: why should it take so long ? I would guess that might have something to do with the new Windows 7. I think they want to be prepared for that already.


TV suite is a great tool and I personally am using almost every part from time to time, except Migration Assistant. I migrate my stuff myself. It really would be a step back to take it from the customers. Unless they put the price way back as well.

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 9:43 AM

I think all this mess happened like this.


1. IT engineer(s) that had worked on system update program got fired

2. System update database + backups mysteriously corrupted after few days after. Lenovo didnt notify customers because they didnt really plant to stop this service, but because they fired only person(s) that has work on this system update they cannot restore it anymore.

3. 1 weeks later they announce System update service to be terminated...


Get that system update guy back asap!

Message Edited by outouser on 04-03-2009 12:45 PM

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

2009-04-03, 11:34 AM

Since LENOVO became the ThinkPad trademark owner, the things are going from getting worse to unacceptable.


Hey Lenovo Managers, who the h*ll do you think you are?!


You have NO IDEA what is the ThinkPad Brand for the millions of people around the globe. You have null respect to ThinkPad Concept and you are doing EVERYTHING to ruine the ThinkPads reputation. Most probably you want to eliminate the ThinkPads from the market and replace it with your own 3000 series laptops. Please understand that this is impossible and never will be possible. We'll better buy any other laptop brand instead.


With no respect for your contraproductive efforts and stupid decisions,


David Goldman


D-xxxxx Germany



System update database + backups mysteriously corrupted

Looks like the message prior to mine is correct. I just tried to download some filesfrom here:




and here:




There is only "File not found" message there.


What the...


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