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Rescue & Recovery Backup Time on X300

2009-04-23, 23:30 PM

I have an X300 running Windows XP.


I would like to do a backup for recovery often, but it takes over 10 hours.  I have less than half of my small solid-state drive filled.  When I had a Sony Vaio, I used Windows to make restore points every few days - it took a painless few minutes, and I had a lot more stuff on my drive back then.


I did a "rejuvenation" from a backup two days ago, and it ran for 6 hours before I went to bed, and it still had the first activity box checked - something like "gathering my settings".  A question was waiting for me in the morning, and it ran at least another two hours after I OK'd the dialog - it is so painful to watch, I just have to leave and guess about how long it may have taken. 


Rescue and Recovery Runs so slowly, and gives such poor feedback, I find myself wondering if it is just hung up in a loop.  Can someone tell me why Windows can make a restore point in a couple of minutes while Rescue & Recovery takes hours?  Am I getting something of value that isn't at all apparent?  I picked up numerous viruses, etc. and was always able to successfully restore from a Windows restore point, so I can't imagine what Rescue & Recovery may be doing that is of more value.





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Re: Rescue & Recovery Backup Time on X300

2009-08-21, 18:02 PM



Did you ever get to the bottom of this?


I also have X300 and suffered the 10 hour backup ordeal whilst backing up to an external HDD


anyone got any advice on why/how its even possible to take 10 hours to back up a 64GB SSD?


Am I not simply better off using my external drives one touch backup button?!?!?


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Re: Rescue & Recovery Backup Time on X300

2009-08-24, 7:00 AM


Rescue and Recovery is a much more extendend tool, when Windows Resotore/backup option. Therefore you can not compare these two tools.

Can you describe you backup process in a bit detail? How and where did you captured the backup?



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