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Same Password Manager files on 2 HDs ?

2010-08-13, 22:09 PM

Same PM files on 2 HDs ?


You may say just export the file from 1 HD and import it to the other.  NOT  SO  FAST !


There you are, and here I am, with 1 computer with 1 TPM chip, and 2 or more physical HDs, each with its own OS.


If you change one password on one website while using HD #1, you have to update Password Manager on HD #2 by exporting that change from #1 to #2.


Why should this be necessary when there is only one chip and only one user?


This raises the question to Lenovo: What does the chip require to identify a user's file?

One would think logging in to password manager with a certain user name and password would be enough.  But try it on two HDs occupying the same computer either simultaneously or sequentially.  It doesn't work.  ---
Try giving each HD the same Computer name in control panel.  No deal.   --- Try putting the same OS on each HD.  No deal.


I ran into this problem when I decided to take another blogger's advice to use Seagate's Acronis software to move to a bigger HD.  Contrary to the rosy expectations described, in my experience this process

led to a crash.  I had to take my old HD to a shop where I spent approx 30% of what I could buy the present day equivalent  of my T61 Lenovo computer for to salvage my data. (Maybe they hoped for more, because SWS in

Tucson left it to me to move data from the single salvage file they created to all the points on the new and old drives where it had to go to achieve some semblance of what I had to start with.) 


 But the salvage process didn't resusitate the TPM chip.  And why should it, since as far as I know only the HD crashed, not the chip which is a separate memory.


Yet when attempting to access my Password Manager data, I found entering my same old user name and password (same as before the crash) led nowhere on the new HD, acting as if I was a new user not yet enrolled in Password Manager.  On the old HD where I'd used Password Manager before, albeit with the new OS installed, I got the message that Password Manager had been configured previously and that I needed the password used then to get into it.  Only thing is, the old password is what I was using.


TPM is a nice idea, but here'a a bit of hard won advice:  If you've only got one HD, export a copy of what's on your Password Manager to stow in a presumably less secure location.


Gee whiz


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Re: Same Password Manager files on 2 HDs ?

2010-08-17, 9:26 AM

the reason, why Password manager is not working the same on two HDD, while on TPM chip is used it the software. The TPM chip is used as a security point, which is protecting the passwords, that are kept by this applicatin, BUT there is also a second secured location on the HDD, which contains the main point for the application. Main point where the application get the passwords from.
So once you change a password for a web page on HDD1, and then you go to the HDD2 and see, that it did not changed, then this is the reason.

There is no synchronize function between two HDDs, as this would not be logical and not secure in the eye of TPM security.


ButI have to say, that this is an interresting situation. But unfortunatley not suitable for the TPM chip, nor the application.




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