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Re: Simple Tap tile to open a folder?

2010-06-25, 19:25 PM

Thank you for the information.  I will need to spend some time getting familiar with the power manager.  One thing that has befuddled me is that the power manager indicator will say (in parens) I have only a few minutes left, even though I know my 8-cell battery has at least 40%+ of its charge remaining, then when I hover over the indicator, or open the power manager, it will suddenly change (even without adjusting any settings) and say I have an hour or two of battery life remaining.  Could you direct me to some training information that you'd recommend so I could get more familiar with adjusting the power manager settings, and get a better understanding of the various indicators?  Meanwhile, I find myself using SimpleTap more and more, and really liking the convenience of it, so if there are going to be upcoming releases of SimpleTap, please post when such updates become available.


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Re: Simple Tap tile to open a folder?

2010-07-30, 22:24 PM
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Re: Simple Tap tile to open a folder?

2010-08-26, 6:44 AM

I would like to offer a simpler solution:


To get an image for your tile(optional):

Set the view inside a folder that contains a folder (eg C: ) to 'Extra Large Icons' and then use Snipping Tool from the start menu (Windows 7) to copy a folder image and save it.


Open a command prompt (type 'CMD' into the search box on the Start Menu) and cd into C:\Windows. Then type

dir /s folder.ico

and if there is a folder icon around, Windows will find it for you. Copy down the path for later.


To make the tile:

1) Open the folder that you wish to have a shortcut to.

2) Single click in the address bar at the top to convert the path from e.g. Computer > Local Disk (C: ) > Program Files > Stuff to C:\Program Files\Stuff

3) Copy the new file path (Ctrl + C).

4) Start the Simpletap icon creation as normal (start Simpletap, press +).

5) Select "I want this tile to Open a webpage".

6) Replace the "http://" in the address box to "file://" and then paste (Ctrl + V) the file path in, so it looks like file://C:\Program Files\Stuff

7) Don't click 'Get Icon'. Choose your own tile image (you have to) and you're done.


I hope that helps.




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Simiple Tap 3.0 and Lenovo App Shop icon

2012-01-19, 22:35 PM
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