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System update and SCCM deployment

2008-04-03, 7:48 AM
I've spend the last few days trying to configure System Update to run and install updates during the task sequence deployment process.
Some difficulties include:
1) The System Update installation package is unstable when silently installing it from an extracted location, msiexec process often freezes. This only happens when you run the extracted executable silently, both in PXE and windows environments.
Currently my command line looks like this: "setup.exe -s -a /s /w /v/qb!". I do not extract the archive manually.
2) When you request for update check with the following command line:
"C:\PROGRA~1\Lenovo\System~1\Tvsu.exe /CM -search A -action INSTALL -repository Z:\systemupdate. -includerebootpackages 1,3,4 -noreboot -noicon"
If it is the first time you're attempting to run the program, it restores default user settings. That means that you get a lot of licenses being displayed, which is just the opposite you would expect when automatically deploying to multiple systems without user interaction being involved.
The workaround is that you run the executable first, than use taskkill to kill the process and only after that you add the registry settings with desired end-user configuration, which is pretty bizzare by my standards.
3) Finally, the situation that I'm currently concerned is that the "tvsu.exe" does not install the updates by itself, but instead runs another process/-es that install the packages from repository. The problem with that is - a deployment system can't really tell when a background processes is finished and considers the task to be successful after the "tvsu.exe" ( or more specifically "tvsukernel.exe" ) closes/executes.
After that the system moves on to the next task, without waiting for the background updates to download or install.
I'm really starting to consider a workaround for this, because without it the whole software update system is pretty useless for automatic deployment. Currently, the only thing I can think of is using the wait.bat to make the batch file installation wait for 10-15 minutes before running the next step.
Could you please advise any other possible solutions for this situation?
Thank you and best regards,

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Re: System update and SCCM deployment

2008-04-03, 13:51 PM
Thanks for help on my post d-art.  I run into all 3 of these as well so I can confirm that System Update functionality needs to be looked at.  I'm escalating this to Lenovo on my end through our reps here to try and get the TVT Team to address them.
Thanks again.

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Re: System update and SCCM deployment

2008-07-30, 16:50 PM

Have you guys been able to modify th eregistery via SCCM?

I successfully pushed Lenovo System Update 3.14 which, in order to connect to SCCM, needs a few registry keys modified. The package works flawlessly when run locally. However, it fails to modify the registry when pushed via SCCM. Is there a simpler way of deploying modified System Update?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: System update and SCCM deployment

2008-07-31, 23:18 PM

Have you looked at the System Update Deployment Guide?  It can be downloaded from the admin tools page:





If you're interested in controlling System Update via Active Directory Group Policy you may also want to take a look downloading the System Update Administrator Tools which contain an Active Directory policy template.   


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Re: System update and SCCM deployment

2008-09-03, 11:52 AM

Hi D-art,


We just installed SCCM in our structure and are looking for an easy way to deploy drivers on Lenovo machines. That's the only brand we're following in our structure.

I red your post about system update and want to go that way too but I have some questions

I'm using System Update 3.14 but your post is about 3.13. Hope there were some good modifications :-))




1st-> I have to make a software package of the 'system update' program with the command "setup.exe -s -a /s /w /v /qb!"


2nd -> I have to make another software package with a batch file to run with in it:

cmd /c "C:\Progra~1\Lenovo\System~1\Tvsu.exe"
cmd /c TASKKILL /F /IM tvsukernel.exe
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\General" /v ExtrasTab /t REG_SZ /d NO /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\General" /v IgnoreLocalLicense /t REG_SZ /d YES /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\General" /v DisplayLicenseNotice /t REG_SZ /d NO /f
REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\System Update\Preferences\UserSettings\General" /v DisplayLicenseNoticeSU /t REG_SZ /d NO /f


Is this exact? 


How can I make a repository because I want that every computer download the drivers on the LAN.



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