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Fanfold Paper
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Could I get an explanation on what CCSDK and UESDK is? All I know is that it is part of Lenovo systems but I have no idea what it is there for.



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Community Moderator
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I cannot tell you exactly what it is, because I do not know. But SDK usually means a software development kit, and with what is in the folder with those two files, it appears to be part of the Lenovo software that they have installed to help users use their computers. All of the little gadgets like SHAREiT, REACHiT, userguide, OKO, Motion Control, Harmony, Messenger, the feedback engine and the other tools like that.


From all of that it appears to be what Lenovo is using the make these tools work together.

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Fanfold Paper
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So? No one knows what it is?


On my laptop, another program from thiis directory, "WInGather.exe" blocks safe removal of USB drives.

What does it do with my USB drives for so long time? What it gathers?

-- dd

What's DOS?
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it would be useful if companies put a clear summary explanation of the function of the .exe file with the information that they wish customers to download.  then we can make an instant decision as to whether we need to download.  this enables efficient use of the customer's time having purchased a lenovo computer.  lenovo needs to think about the customer's end-to-end needs when sending any information for updates. there should be no need to have to use a community forum to decipher a mystery.  it is common sense. it enables us to do our work efficiently. 

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Given some related articles circulated on some tech sites, I wanted to share our official statement regarding a couple of applications that collect non-personal data to help Lenovo understand system / feature / application use.


Statistical data collection by Lenovo has been the subject of press reports and social media discussion. Similar to other companies in the PC, smartphone and tablet industries and as disclosed in the End User License Agreement, Lenovo products collect non-personally identifiable statistical usage data that is not tracked to any single customer or device. This data helps Lenovo improve both existing and future products. In preparation for Windows 10, all programs preloaded on Lenovo PCs were reviewed by Lenovo and independent 3rd parties from privacy and technical perspectives and are listed in the “programs directory” in Windows, under “settings”. Customers who do not want to participate, can remove the program by going into the “Control Panel”, opening “Add / Remove Programs”, clicking on the program and selecting “uninstall”


Link reference for the statement


Here is the kind of data CCSDK provides to Lenovo about the system.


This collects and reports information when the system is first activated like the configuration including region, memory, CPU, screen resolution, OS version, etc.


Ongoing, information on how often key components are used, screen brightness settings, battery & ac usage, CPU load, how full the HDD is, which mode (tablet, laptop, etc) for multi-mode models, and which preloaded apps remain.


This kind of information helps Lenovo team better understand how products are being used and perform in the field and this helps influence design and spec decisions for future generations.   



Best regards,





Paper Tape
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Hello. I am using z51-70. UEFI win 10.0

I  have uinstalled all lenovo related, and cyberlink softwares visable on the Windows uninstall page in the control panel. I am still running the following programs, some of which have network activity  present.
 CCSDK.exe , GDCAgent.exe, Wingather.exe. These three are found in Program Files(x86)/lenovo folder.
Also Updateagent.exe with digital signer of LENOVO, digest algorithm 'sha1' found in Program Files/update

These four always run upon boot and at least 2 of them communicate with foregin networks over TCP. I would like to uninstall these programs fully such that there are no functions to call to them. Please advise on the uninstall process. 


CCSDK folder contains an uninst000.eexe, and Wingather.exe is found in this folder as well as CPlenovo.exe, and CCSDK.exe.

GDCAgentSetupRed folder contains another uninst000.exe , as well as GDGAgent.exe

In the Program Files (x86)/Lenovo there are other .exe programs such as Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.Agent.exe which I have not seen running yet. 

Finally I suspect FMAPP.exe found in the C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA also is "reporting software" for Lenovo.

Please advise on the removal of all these programs, especially those which latently send data to over unknown tcp connections. 

Fanfold Paper
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Token Ring
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I noticed all these today after finding out that for no reason, the CPU load was around 90% and this GDC agent service was using it. Can we have a proper reply why is this happening?


to user 010001100101010 I uninstalled both of them using the uninstallers inside the folders GDCAgentSetupRed and CCSDK

Fanfold Paper
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Regarding what kind of information this CCSDK collects.

Just yesterday night a BSOD occured on my G50 laptop (the reason is not relevant)

and I tried to delete the windows kernel dump file, memory.dmp.

But I could not - because the file was in use by CCSDK.

I had to kill CCSDK in order to unlock and delete the dump.


Anyone can tell why CCSDK needs to read Windows crash dump files?

The reason may be very well legitimate, they may want why crashes occur.

On the other hand, this type of dump can contain sensitive data (passwords, crypto keys etc.).

The dump file was locked for several minutes, longer than is needed to retrieve basic info about the crash reason.

Did it try to upload the entire 800MB dump over network? 


Thanks and regards,

-- ddbug

What's DOS?
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"how key components are used" ... ??

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