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CSS & TPM have gone crazy...HELP!!!

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I've hunted around this forum and found I'm apparently not the only one with this problem.  Please forgive me but I probably have just enough knowledge of computers to be really's the deal...


I've got the error message saying that I've recently changed my windows password, i either scan my fingerprint or type in the correct password (as well as trying any old passwords I've ever used) and get "authentication failed".  So, this means I can not get to my password information (about a gazillion different user names & pwd's) from the password manager (and of course, no backup or exported restore file ever made).


It seems that one of the fixes is to clear the security chip, remove and reinstall everything at the cost of losing all those gazillion settings that might that me the rest of my life to put back together by trial & error).  Trying to understand the problem, I've created a new windows user account, logged into windows as that user, gone to a website, signed into the site and TPM asks to save the sign-in details as it should.  Having done so, I am now able to export the list of TPM sign-in's (as I dearly wish I had before having this problem).  When I open the new file, I find that single log-in has been saved.


What I'm saying is that CSS & TPM obviously still work because under the new user I get exactly the expected results.  The problem only comes when I go back to my "normal" windows user identity.  Logging back in that way, I continue to get "authentication failed" and no way to open TPM and/or export its valuable contents.


Anybody have any idea how to hack TPM and/or CSS so that I can capture the TPM information before I clear the chip and start all over?


I'm traveling in China for a while and can't even manage to get near a service center for another several weeks.  If anybody can help me solve this and if you're near me, I'll spring for a Starbuck's and plate of the best eggrolls in town!!!!



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