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Paper Tape
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

System Update (Software Installer) was a significant component of Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad notebooks.  It was far superior to anything the competition offers.  in its absence, there is now one less reason to buy Lenovo.


i don't know if i am more disappointed in Lenovo's lack of understanding of what makes the ThinkPad unique, or in IBM for selling its notebook business to Lenovo in the first place.


i guess the next step will be to replace the keyboard with one of the inferior versions used in the competition, remove the trackpoint, and paint it a flashy color...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

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Truly a shame. Lenovo has just gotten back 10 or more years in customer service and product development. Looking for updates manually is an old, old time process.


 Lenovo is definitively losing its focus. TVSU is a main component of what a ThinkPad is.


Again, what a shame. Lenovo what are you thinking?

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

I am really hoping that this is just a temporary interruption and that the "alternative solutions" being pursued by Lenovo will be similar to or better than TVSU, but the fact that there is an interruption at all and no clear announcement to the effect of "We are migrating to another system" suggests to me that we users are going to be on our own for awhile. I am very saddened and disappointed by this development. I hope that Lenovo will soon give us an explanation as to why this was done and what steps are being taken to develop a suitable TVSU replacement. 


Also, WHY DID LENOVO GIVE US BARELY 24 HOURS' NOTICE??? Nothing showed up in my Message Center! I tried running TVSU and got an error message and it was only when I scoured the forums that I finally found the notice. I can't imagine that any SysAdmins managing banks of Thinkpads and ThinkCentres are happy about this, especially with the hubbub about Conficker. The message I am getting from Lenovo does not inspire confidence, to say the very least.


I've always admired Thinkpads for their bulletproof design and have been very pleased with my T61. I got my girlfriend an SL-series and we're pretty pleased with it as well, but she's not about to go to the Lenovo website and spend an hour manually downloading each driver update. I predict that unless Lenovo does something quick to replace TVSU, it's going to find itself getting a lot more tech support calls from people who previously relied on TVSU and now have obsolete drivers, security loopholes and the like messing up their systems. This will mean slower throughput, longer wait times, more overworked customer reps, and more irritated customers.


If Lenovo keeps on moving downmarket like this, there won't be any reason why I shouldn't just get a Dell and save some money. I think (hope?) you can do better than this! 

Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

I think Lenovo needs to explain further to all users about what is happening. Why is Lenovo terminating System Update so suddenly, with absolutely no warning in advance. More baffling is System Update now shows a pop up saying 'Launch System Update again in May to enable our new messaging system'.


In addition, I find the Lenovo's 'Downloads and drivers' web page very difficult to navigate compare to other companies.

Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

In this case, Message Center Plus should be made x64 compatible...
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Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

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Mark, how can a user properly patch their system to current after an OS reinstall, when you do not have a downloadable text file with a step by step install list for all the patches for each model and each OS on each model?

TVSU made such a post-reinstall update feasible with no difficulties.

Removing TVSU without providing a viable replacement is an insult to ALL Lenovo users. 


edit: just noticed something else that Lenovo have utterly fouled up on.

This critically important thread is not cross-stickied to the tops of all the forum sections for all the series of Lenovo systems.

It seems as though Lenovo doesn't want its user-base in general to know that they are turning off the update system.


Jenifur Charne 

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

This is a bad move, Lenovo.  Now we know what came about on the Inside the Box post on TVT here:


While utilities in the TVT suite have varying usefullness, System Update is one of those that is just vital.  It is not that someone is going to use it often and that it will be a noticed or sexy feature.  However, the installation of drivers and software is a tedious enough process.  Taking away this utility will make the process so much more difficult, and instead of being able to get people that want to be updated up to date with the latest versions, you will have many, many more users that will be using old versions that may have security vulnerabilities or stability issues, increasing calls to Lenovo.


What's next, the ThinkVantage button?  R&R?


I commented on that blog post above, but let me reiterate.  Lenovo has been a one stop shop for my laptop needs for some time now.  I didn't even bother to look at other brands.  When I needed a laptop, it was just a matter of which T model I would get.  Now, I will be looking at other brands.  HP's business line is also very highly regarded.


The message when running TVSU said to come back in May for a new method.  Hopefully it will be a refreshed application, maybe integrated in to the Lenovo Toolbox.  Let's hope.  If it's just an enhanced web site, well, no thank you.  Or maybe this is just a bad April Fools joke.

Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

this is one of the major advantages of the whole system.

is this a bad april 1st joke? 


I've sent a email to my account mananger to complain about this. 

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Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read



System Update was one of the CORE reasons I have moved my entire 400+ PC company from Dell to Lenovo. Being responsible for building the images, it was the one tool above all others that made keeping the images current possible.




This is unacceptable. I had a new image to begin building today. Now I have to try to manually download and install each driver, and then try to keep track of which driver needs updating and which one is current on a ongoing basis?


We have ThinkStation D10s, ThinkPad X300, X200t, T400, R400, T61, X61, X61t, ThinkCentre A61 and A62. Now I have to manually check for updates on all of them?


Again, this is a FAIL.

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