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Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

t-man states correctly the underlying issue.  To expand on that a little, those of us who buy through competitive procurements were able to use the extra software tools like System Update to justify that Thinkpads were a best value.  When you lose those tools, you lose the justification.  That opens the door to other vendors.


So while it doesn't eliminate Lenovo from the procurement process, it certainly reduces their competitiveness.  It would seem that in the current business environment, that was not a wise move.  Also, not providing better communication certainly makes them look like they don't care about the well being of the customer base.


There's an old marketing saying that a satisfied customer tells one person, a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people.  The other marketing saying is that it is much easier to keep an existing customer than to get a new one.


Lenovo seems to have violated both of these rules.


I sure hope come May 1 when we're supposed to hear about the replacement, it is so great that we forget about this episode.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

This isn't an issue of whining, but it is a demand for a better experience. We all hold ThinkPads in high regard. That's a good thing for any company and the customer. We buy for the quality, not because it is competitive pricing. So when they pull the rug out from under us, it is aggravating. Also, they removed something we paid for. They didn't improve or replace it, it is completely removed. I think they owe us money back. 


I am upset about it because it is a case of corporate greed and we are clearly being ignored. On the other hand, it opens up the door to other companies to come in and fill the need. This is a good thing. In a few months or few years, we'll forget all about Lenovo and be raving about another brand laptop. However, the interim in between is tough to deal with.


A reasonable response back for explanation and updating of progress is really all we ask. But they can't even swing that. Dell re-instated the "eraser" in the keyboard. Maybe they are going to compete in the high-end laptop market? I'll gladly give them a shot.

Serial Port
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

As it was said earlier, but from a little bit different view.


It looks like the Lenovo have started an attacks on reliability of Thinkpad brand in order to cut off the manufacturing/operating costs or to bring more innovations but again all at expense of reliability. 


At first they tried to make changes the keyboard design, the design that was on market for decade and hasn't been surpassed by any other. What would anyone do that? They assured us that the new design is going to be superior from the old one in terms of weight and be at least as good as the old one in other areas. What happened next? They screwed it up. I really don't know which unit should be blamed for it (R&D for concealing the real results or Manufacturing for not being able to meet new standards), but for me as a consumer and as whole company they screwed it up.


Now the company shoot their own reputation as RELIABLE partner by issuing an end of life notification for a service in just 19 hours before shutting down the service. This is quite unrespectful to the others businesses and plans. This move is more appropiate for a company with 10 employees where targets can change so quickly but not for such really big corporation as Lenovo is. Event more impressive is the fact, that they could keep their mouth shut for a month while receiving inqueries on different levels (this thread, partner calls, personal meetings, their own people, etc) on what was real cause and where exactly we moving.


What is next? The keyboard attack - we (consumers) have won. The service attack,I believe, we've lost, but what is going to be next? This is no way can be named RELIABLE relation.


P.S. I really don't know, but it looks to me like it might be a problem of how western and eastern people handle challenges. While western prefer to discuss it with their own allies (consumers) and seek advice and empathy. And the eastern people try to lock themselves down inside a Chinesse wall in order to find a solution?



Paper Tape
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

Simply posting my opinion.


I'm a "simple" computer user, so my purchasing decision was based on "how simple will a computer be to maintain?".


Family members had other brands and when things went wrong the first question every repairman asked was "Have you updated drivers".  The TVSU did this for me, I didn't need to worry about it.  the TVSU enhanced reliability.


Yet it seems Lenovo is now focused on the more sophisticated computer user at the expense of the simple computer user.  Or, they may now charge for something that was previously free.


Lenovo - New World (things are getting more expensive even though there is a GEC), New Thinking (let's increase costs yet reduce usability and loose customers)

Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

I was a die hard Dell fan - but in the pasrt year, with the experience of a personal x200 and a corporate t61p - man! I'll never go back. These are the best two laptops I've ever had.


Even if there is not a perfect solution to the hardware driver updates - Lenovo will really have to mess the hardware up for me to go back.


Yep, I'm in favor of waiting to see what they come up with.


In the mean time - Lenovo - show us some love and give us some more Win 7 drivers Smiley Wink

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

Hi, everybody.


I agree with most complaints on this threads.  Discontinuing such a valuable service with no appropriate time frame nor remediation, is unaccetable.  But flaming in this forum might not be quite effective.  I would recommend going the link with the System Update note and taking the survey at the right.


Let statistics talk for us.  And it's faster than typing a message here Smiley Wink 



Punch Card
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

There might be a reason for canceling TVSU from an other side than Lenovo... This just came up on my radar:;en-us;969707&sd=rss&spid=11734


Look a the section for: "Programs that do not run after you install Service Pack 2"


I hope Lenovo will bring up a solution for replacing the TVSU, it is really a pitty to do updates "by hand" :/



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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

dtb wrote:

There might be a reason for canceling TVSU from an other side than Lenovo...


Good catch! That's as good an explanation as any we've heard for why TVSU was withdrawn.


However, it raises several questions:

1. Vista SP2 isn't out yet, so what was the urgency in yanking TVSU on April 1?

2. Not everyone runs Vista. Why not keep TVSU running for WinXP users et al?

3. What is the big secret if this is indeed the reason for withdrawing TVSU? Why not share the reason with customers? After all, we'd be far more understanding if we knew the reason for withdrawal was due to circumstances beyond Lenovo's control.

4. Is it possible to modify TVSU so that it will run on Vista SP2?

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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

I've been running the beta and RC of Vista SP2 for some time, and it is known problem that SU doesn't work.  It fails gathering user information, most likely due to SP2 not being programmed in as a possible operating system.  There is absolute NO reason why they can't get SU to work on SP2.  SP2 should break very little, and as the list shows, there is scant few programs on there.
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Re: Changes to System Update and related tools - Please read

I line in India, where Thinkpads cost the Earth. I've had a pre-owned TP 600, a T41, and now an X61. When Lenovo bought IBM, I was sad for an year, because I was sure that Thinkpads would go to hell. Then, a pleasant surprise, they did not. It was too good to last, I guess, and now it seems like the beginning of the end.


If TVSU is not back soon, in whatever form, it would be very difficult to justify the much higher price of a Thinkpad. It would also make a lot of us look like complete idiots, as TVSU was a major reason for recommending Thinkpads to so many friends and family members.


I guess only IBM made Thinkpads, and Lenovo's will soon be Stinkpads.

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