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Enhance Backup and Restore



How do you delete backups made using the 'Enhance Backup and Restore".


I ran a full backup of my system and saved to wrong drive. It took up 26GB, need to delete.





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Re: Enhance Backup and Restore



Welcome To Lenovo Community


Open R&R and click "Launch advanced Rescue & Recovery"

Click "View all backups" under "Back up your system."

Select the "Advanced" pull-down menu and select the check box next to the backups that you wish to remove.

Click "Delete" to remove the backups.

Note : Delete the most recent backup first , and do it one by one


Hope This Helps

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Re: Enhance Backup and Restore

Can you use Enhance Backup and Restore to make a bootable backup of your entire operating system and data folders, using an attached Lenovo USB 3.0 Encrypted Hard Drive?  I've been told that some encrypted hard drives cause problems with bootable system images.

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Re: Enhance Backup and Restore

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I am no encrypt specialist.  Do you have a DVD burner attached to system?

If so, I would backup the rescue system to CD, and the data backups (encrypted) to USB.  I would not attempt an encrypted boot system without great documentation and testing. You might read the RNR deployment guide as to encryption and backups. 


As far as delete backups, Start from the latest and work backwards. You have 1. Should take 5 minutes.

Let's say you have a base backup, and 10 incrementals, and you decide increment 6 is junk, and I want to free disc space. 26 gb base, and 10 incrementals at 1 GB each. DO NOT select 6 by itself.  If will do a merge,  6 into 5, 7 into 6, will run for hours and hours.


You can peel off  top backups, lets say 6,7,8,9 and 10, in a group. 5 minutes per delete, 25-35 minutes total, no merge .

What I do:

my base is june 2012.  I have 18 incremental backups.  I love my base. I just delete the top 8, then take a backup. Disc space freed. 


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