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Fingerprints and expired passwords

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Hi Community,


I have recently encountered this problem and I've yet to find a solution for it. Maybe someone here has experienced something similar before and can shed some light on how to fix it.


I'm on a T410 with XP.


I use an ActiveDirectory login to access my computer and my password for ActiveDirectory expires every 60 (or 90 days) I believe. In the past, when I was prompted to update my expired password upon logging in, Client Security Solution would pop up and tell me that I'm about to update a password already existed in the record and it simply updates it and everything syncs up nice and happy.


This last time, however, I didn't get the Client Security Solution prompt when I attempted to update the expired password, and what has happened, is that now, when I swipe my finger, my old password is entered which obviously fails every time. So I'm having to enter my password every time I log-on making the fingerprint reader rather useless.


I have attempted finding an entry for "Windows Login" in the Password Manager, but it seems that Windows/AD passwords are stored somewhere separate. My question is, how would I go about updating the password linked to my fingerprint? Do I have to delete the old profiles for my fingerprints and create new ones? Would that even solve the issue?


Any help/suggestions are kindly appreciated.






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Re: Fingerprints and expired passwords

What website/application are you trying to log into, where password manager is still using the old password?

Or is this an issue where you can no longer log into windows itself, with your fingerprint?

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