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Paper Tape
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Help_Find backup files made with Rescue & Recovery AND getting R&R to work


I have 1 backup done in R&R in May 2010.  This has the factory settings plus all the system upgrades (this has R&R v3.01). 


We have been unsuccessful getting R&R to backup to our external hard drive/media drive. (I keep alot of files on my laptop so don't want to type up memory w/backups plus safer to have a copy externally.)


Yesterday, I had to wipe out my computer and restore to the "backup w/system upgrades".  


1) I have downloaded the new version of R&R v4.23.  It won't install until I uninstall the v3.01.  A message popped up saying to complete 3 steps. The first is "copy or move all files from your PrivateDisk volumes, if necessary, or risk loosing access to your data."


       ------> HOW DO I MOVE THESE FILES??  WHERE ARE THESE FILES LOCATED?  Are the PrivateDisk Volumes the same as my R&R backup files???


2)  I have tried to create a backup to the External Hard drive via R&R and clicking on 'Advanced" then "copy backups from hard drive" then "network"


         ------> At first it didn't like the network path typed in.  


         ------>Now it won't go past the "network/DVD/USB" selection when click 'Next'     a box pops up saying "encounter a problem and needs to close."


3)   We tried to connect the external hard drive directly into the laptop via USB and selected "USB then click


         ------> Now it won't go past the "network/DVD/USB" selection   ..... The error message appears.


4)  The other 3 steps that the new version says needs to be done are:

                    2.  "Create a bootable recovery media using ThinkVantage Create Recovery Media Utility" (I can't find this utility)

                    3.  "Copy or move any R&R backups to an external location. Uninstalling R&R-Client Security Solution deletes all backups on your computer"

                    4. "Uninstall the version of R&R-CSS currently installed on your computer using windows control panel"


Please help!! Any and all suggestions as to how to create the backup & then install the new software/follow the steps.  Very frustrated (&have been for awhile since we haven't been able to do backups to external source.)  We have searched the web w/not much luck.


Biggest things are where are the Backups located and can it just be Copy/Pasted from the laptop location to Media Drive??


We use XP, THinkpad T60, and have wireless connection to router where the external drive is connected.




Bit Torrent
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Re: Help_Find backup files made with Rescue & Recovery AND getting R&R to work

Hello mate,


If you want to install the new version of R&R you have to uninstall the previous one. Just do that under windows control panel like an ordinary program and uninstall Client Security Solution as well.


Just try to do your backup with the same version or R&R to avoid uncompatibility errors it can happen sometimes. Better to install the new version first and do the backup after.



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Re: Help_Find backup files made with Rescue & Recovery AND getting R&R to work

That's a lot of questions. Just some potential answers:


Restoring with a version of R&R different from the one used to create backups in general won't work (although I understand that you have already restored using the old version). Regarding other messages: it appears that you may have Client Security Solution installed (or whatever it is called these days). CSS will interact with R&R because it provides some sort of encryption. If I remember right, CSS used to support encrypted "volumes" (containers) where you put files and they were encrypted (I think the latest version dropped support for this...) That's what the reference to "privatevolumes" likely is. Your messages are telling you that if you uninstall CSS, files on such volumes (including backups) will be lost.


As far as backups, they go into a hidden folder in the root directory of the drive that you back up to. It is probably possible to move the whole folder by unhiding it first, but I wouldn't do it (there are other considerations), I would move backups by using "copy backups" function in the Advanced mode of R&R.


Hope this gives you a starting point somewhere.

Paper Tape
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Re: Help_Find backup files made with Rescue & Recovery AND getting R&R to work

Thanks for replying.... i'm still trying to get my computer all updated & set.


Now my issue is:    I am trying to delete the previous version of R&R 3.10 HOWEVER....  I'm receiving this alert message:

"The installed product does not match the installation source(s). Until a matching source is provided or the installed product and source are synchronized, this action can not be performed.     Contact your adminstrator or product vendor for assistance. If there is a matching installation source, type it below or click Browse to locate it."


I just want to delete this older version of R&R so i can install the new one & finally get R&R working.


Any suggestions how to do this?


Thanks for any help!

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