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Hypatheical Question about Lenovo OEM Licensing / Lenovo OEM Recovery Media

If my compnay buys 100 Lenovo Systems from distribution that are Lenovo Factory Sealed all with Spanish OS and we want to convert to English.  

We know that we have to use an English copy of the Recovery Media to do this but can we get one copy of the English Recovery Media, deploy it to one of the systems and then use an imaging application like Acronis or Ghost to upload this image onto our server and deploy it to the other 99 machines without any issues?


My thought is this is totally illegal from a Licensing stand point so.


I reached out to our Microsoft MRR contact and they basically said IF the OEM is okay with us doing that then Microsoft is,  I was floored by that response because that was one of the questions that was asked back when we went MRR and at that time it was totally illegal in the US to use OEM media to deploy hundreds or thousands of machines using the same recovery media and OEM Key for activation and not include the media that was used during the installation as part of the eventual sale.


I can see why Microsoft would have no issue with this but  wouldn’t Lenovo have to pay Microsoft for all those activations by us using there OEM Product Key that is embedded in the media or system for activation?

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Re: Hypatheical Question about Lenovo OEM Licensing / Lenovo OEM Recovery Media

Hi, welcome to the forum.


Please notice I'm not a spokeman for any of the companies you are listing. This is my personal opinion and I may be totally wrong.


I think that there are some question you need to solve:

1) Which Windows 10 license will came with the Lenovo machines you are buying. (Home, Pro) ??


2) Validate with Microsoft documentation that the edition that you will get of Windows 10 allows you to change the language of the OS. (There was an older Windows that was "Single language only", check if that does apply to Windows 10 or not). If Windows 10 Home license does not allow you to change the language you will need to pay Microsoft.


3) If the Lenovo machines are the newer ones, with UEFI BIOS, the Windows key is stored on the BIOS of each machine. So, when you install Windows it will activate with that key, but I haven't tried that with an image with Acronis or Ghost.


4) If your company gets 100 PCs, maybe Microsoft is also knocking to your door to sell you an Enteprise Agreement to have the latest Windows and Office. If you need the Office+Windows combo maybe you can check on that. If you don't use MS Office, maybe an Enteprise Agreement is not what you are looking for.


Please check the legal documentation with Microsoft, that would be your support, not my personal comments. I'm almost sure that Lenovo is not going to check on your company how are you using the Microsoft licenses, but Microsoft and the BSA lawyers are the ones that are going to be checking on you.




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