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Lenovo solution center 3.3 where to install latest drivers and utilities

Hi, I just updated my Lenovo solution center to the latest version (3.3.02), but I could not find the install latest drivers/utilities sections as the old solution center. Can anyone tell me where to update the drivers and stuff in the new solution center?



Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo solution center 3.3 where to install latest drivers and utilities

LSC version 2.8.007 will update to 3.3.002.

LSC version 3.2.004 will update to 3.3.002.


3.3.002 is Hardware scan only and shows warranty info and other items.

This version will not launch under companion at this time.

Lenovo is upgrading all users of both versions to the 3.3.002 version. Previously the 3.xx.xx version was win10 only.


If you had 2.8.007 installed, LSC did not do updates!. It launched System Update. Go to your support page and download System Update, if it is not installed.  System Update is probably installed on your system, but you have no entry on the start menu. SU is found here: c\programfiles(x86)\Lenovo\systemupdate\TVsu.exe .


You could create a Shortcut for this entry and drag it to your start menu.

During SU install, it asks if you want to create a shortcut on the start menu. 

You could uninstall/reinstall SU to check this install option, but that is alot of extra work. 


For win 10 users, you can also run the SU offering via Companion.


For companion hardware scan offering, you need LSC 3.2.004 or higher.

LSC  3.3.002 will not launch under Companion (at this time. covered in another post in the apps section).  3.2.004 will launch and offer the hardware scan.

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