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Lost HD space + Unable to install R&R on Win7 x64



I've recently installed Windows 7 x64 on my X200, upgraded from Vista. I can't install R&R 4.3 due to the lack of some unspecified file, which I suppose I miraculously have to guess and add to the same folder as the install file. The error basically says you cannot install because "you have to put 'another file' in the same folder as tvtv...exe" - which of course tells me nothing useful.. If someone know what file "the file" is supposed to refer to, it might actually be possible to install r&r.




The main reason why I want to install R&R, is because I have at least 130 GB of backup that I cannot find or delete manually; If I measure the size of every folder on my computer, and add them, they take about 100 GB all together. Still my 250 GB hard drive is full. So where comes the other 130 GB from? My guess is R&R, which just isn't working at all.


Maybe it's not R&R. I don't know. I do however know my entire HD is filled with some files I neither can find or delete. I mainly just want my HD space back. I can wait for a R&R patch, but not for the 60% unusable HD space. If someone know just how to remove the old backups or have any idea whatsoever, it's greatly appreciated.





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