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Token Ring
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M91 (4518-E4U) & Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 Driver


I just received my new M91 and i'm using ThinInstaller to install the required drivers during the imaging process. (SCCM - OSD)  All of the drivers install ok but the "Update Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 Driver".  After the imaging process is complete i manually run ThinInstaller again pointing to the same respoisotry that was used druing the imaging process and it show that the Realtek codec is still needed. 


I can see in the thininstaller Update_log that the driver looks like it installed correctly.  (Message: Update Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 Driver for Windows 7 was installed successfully) 


If i install the needed driver after the image process it then installs and no longer reports back as needed.


Need a little help with this one.



Lenovo Staff
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Re: M91 (4518-E4U) & Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 Driver

Under what user context are you executing Thin Installer within your OS deployment task sequence?


When you launch Thin Installer manually after the deployment and install the audio driver, what user are you logged in as?


We have seen a few issues with Win 7 deployments due to the changes in access rights afforded to the System account.  It seems under XP the System account had greater access rights than it does under Win7.  These kinds of issues can be avoided by using a domain admin account to run the Thin Installer task. 


We have also seen some installs that depend on a logged on user to completely install.  I'm not familiar with this particular dirver and do not have access to an M91 in order to test it at the moment.


Depending on how Realtek designed their installer, the setup.exe may return a result code that signals Thin Installer that it was successful while the conditions with which Thin Installer determines if the driver is needed have not actually been set.


For this package, when Thin Installer checks for applicability, it looks to this registry key for a value equal to or greater than




You might try checking the registry after a deployment and see if that value is there.  If it isn't then I'd look at the user context during the deployment.

Token Ring
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎08-12-2008
Location: US
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Re: M91 (4518-E4U) & Realtek Audio Codec ALC662 Driver

I had a driver conflict with the drivers being loaded during my SCCM OSD imaging process just before thin installer would run.  Once i excluded the old drivers and just used Thin Installer to apply the drivers everything worked.



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