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Fanfold Paper
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Password Manager asks too authenticate every time...

Using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Password Manager version 3.20.

Every time a password is needed, the Password Manager requires me to authenticate, either using my fingerprint or Windows password. I understand doing that once per Windows session (or even once per browser session), but this almost defeats the purpose. It takes me about as much time to enter my highly secure (i.e. long, etc.) Windows password as it does to enter username/password combos for forums, etc.

Is there a way to change this behavior?



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Re: Password Manager asks too authenticate every time...

Go to Control Panel and open Lenovo Enhanced Security, console for administaring of CSS. There is in the menu "Advanced / Manage Security Policy" - here you can change defalut security profile and there is a drop down, where you can define, if it asks authentification only once after boot, or each time. Try, should solve your problem.
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Password Manager asks too authenticate every time...

Thanks for the reply. I didn't know about these settings before, but they didn't make a difference. Here are my settings now:

  • Setting the default policy: Protect with a fingerprint (only); frequency: once per boot; checked If a fingerprint or smartcard reader ...
  • Open Password Manager: I created a custom security policy with the same settings as above. Still, every time I visit a web site, I have to either swipe my finger (most often not possible because my laptop is docked) or enter my password.

Is it possible that the setting for Open Password Manager is used to open the Password Manager application, but has no effect on actually entering a password on a web site?

What's DOS?
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Re: Password Manager asks too authenticate every time...

Are you mean to antomatic log on your PC without a password requried?


In Windows 7, you can create a user account password if you do not want unauthorized users to use your computer to make system changes or download content. Once enabled, Windows 7 prompts you to enter your password when you restart your computer, or when you resume use after hibernation. If you are the only user for your computer, disable/ or reset your password and allow your computer to log on automatically.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy




  1. Click the "Start" menu, click the "Control Panel" and click "User Accounts" to launch the User Accounts Control Panel.

  2. Click the "Remove Password." Click "Manage another account" if you want to remove the password for another user account and then select the user account.

  3. Type your current password in the box under the "Are you sure you want to remove your password" dialog message and then click "Remove Password."

  4. Restart your computer. Your computer now launches automatically to the desktop.

Hope this information can help you out. Anything about Windows password forgot, change, lost, set or reset solutions, you can find the answers from Google that you can input the keyword of the issues in the search box.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Password Manager asks too authenticate every time...

No, that's not what I am looking to do.

To clarify: I have set up the Lenovo Password Manager as part of CSS 8.3. Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The password manager is operating properly, it asks me if I want to save a password when I enter one at a new site; it will populate the previously stored credentials when visiting a known site. However, it will only do so after asking me to swipe my finger (or enter my Windows password) -- EVERY time it needs to save or retrieve a password.

What I am looking for is a setting that will allow me to change this behavior: I would like it to ask once per Windows session for my fingerprint or password and then have it just retrieve and save passwords without asking again until I logoff/logon or reboot my machine.

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