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Power Management software crashes following Hibernate

Operating System: Server 2008 R2

Laptop: T500


Sympton: When returning from hibernate the application crashes along with my control of brightness.


Error: rundll32.exe_PWMTR64V.DLL crashed.



As an aside, let me say that is very frustrating to deal with Lenovo on driver issues.


1. There is no place on the website to provide feedback or report bugs in the software or drivers. Support calls/ETC is for hardware and other than these forums there is no way to communicate back to the people responsible for the drivers or software.


2. I am a power user. I use the latest and greatest stuff, and I am willing to put up with some headaches to do so. Lenovo should eagerly be accepting and encouraging field reports from people running the latest stuff. I was able to get Server 2008 R2 up and running on my laptop with everything except Bluetooth (see below), but I have no way to officially submit what did and did not work.


as for specifics:

a. Almost two years after the release of Server 2008 the website still does not provide drop down options or drivers that are listed to support the OS. Yes, the Vista drivers work just fine, but they should be listed as Server 2008 just as 2003 is listed.


b. Win 7 and Server 2008 R2 are up on MSDN for download. That, in my mind, is when every device or application should have released beta or RC drivers ready to go. The fact that drivers(beta or not) have still not been posted for things like Bluetooth is a major gap.


c. Much of the Thinkvantage suite does not work or shows up as incompatible with Server 2008 R2. Not a big deal as functionality is mostly still available through the OS.


d. While support for server products should obviously be low priority for laptops many people do use server SKUs on their laptops.  What makes the lack of support even more saddening is the innate compatibility between the desktop and server SKUs. Vista drivers work fine 2008, Win7 drivers work fine in 2008 R2. The work is mostly just about updating INF files, packaging, and validation by WHQL.


e. My coworker with a Dell was able to get his 2008 R2 system up and running with Bluetooth lickety split. While he has had issues with his Nvidia graphics and similar problems with alot of the Dell specific software, all the basic stuff works. I have had many more headaches, mostly around Bluetooth, he being lucky enough not to have to deal with WIDCOMM/Broadcom. Could Lenovo try to push their supplier to properly support server operating systems?




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