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Problem with Norton Internet Security 2012 and Fingerprint Reader

The main problem is NIS2012, but somehow it is affecting my fingerprint reader as well, and I'm wondering why.


I've recently been having an issue where NIS2012 updates, restarts and suddenly does not work. I managed to fix it by reinstalling but updating it only brings the problem back. So I decided to reinstall and not update, but suddenly the fingerprint reader stops working. No matter how many times I restart, it does not work. A check with ThinkVantage System Update says that everything is updated. The problem is solved by manually downloading and reinstalling the fingerprint reader driver.


This first happened to me a few months ago, but I didn't think much of it then. It is now happening almost every day. Is anyone able to explain why? I know the root cause is the Norton software, but why is it affecting the fingerprint reader?

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Re: Problem with Norton Internet Security 2012 and Fingerprint Reader

I will keep an eye on this for a solution.  I can't help with the "why" but I have experienced the same (or very similar) issue.  I noticed one day that NIS2012 had a red symbol on its icon.  When I went to investigate, I couldn't open NIS2012 at all.  Working with Norton on the web, I found I had an 8504,101 error.  The solution was to download the Norton removal tool - run it, and then reinstall NIS2012.  That seemed to fix the NIS2012 problem but left my fingerprint driver corrupted and I had to reinstall it.  After a week or two, the same scenario began again.  This time, thinking the fingerprint reader may be causing to NIS2021 problem, I left the reader disabled.  Things seemed good for a few weeks but then NAS2012 stopped working again. 

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