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Problem with System Update

Hi! I have T500 2241 CTO and running Windows Xp Sp3.

Recently I have a problem with System Update. After some time after  installing Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox, while trying to update with System Update i have the follwing message: "A problem occured while loading the System Update configuration settings. Please wait while System Update restarts". Restarting, closing, and whatever does not help. Tried to reinstall the System Update - the problem persists.

Does anyone have an idea what is wrong and how to fix it?


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Re: Problem with System Update


I have seen such situation in the past and in deed the reinstall of TVSU did not help. The reason is, that once you uninstall TVSU there are still some files remaining on the drive and in the registry and as it usually happens in a nice dream, those are exactly the fires and informations, which are causing this issue to happen.

Therefore please try to make it following way:

- uninstall TVSU

- make sure, that you don't see anynthing related to TVSU is following locaitons:

==> %programdiles%\Lenovo

==> %programfiles%\Common files

in registry :
especially check in:


==> HKEY_CURENT_USER\Software\Lenovo

you can also start a search for System update and delete everything, that is ponting to ThinkVantage System update. BUT please make a beackup of the registry first. I assume the two registry location should be enough for cleaning the registry.

In case you see some folder for TVSU, then just delete it.

* reboot the machine

- install TVSU back


This should ensure you that you will now have a clean installation of TVSU and all the config files should also be there.


Let me know if this make any change.



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Re: Problem with System Update

I tried this solution and it didn't take.  Running Windows 7 with sys update 5.06.  I found the following directory had a folder called "SUP" which I renamed.  


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lenovo


I also deleted the key folder "SUP" in HKLM\Software\Lenovo


When I re-installed SU, it made a new folder her and re-wrote the entire registry key but the error still persists.

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Re: Problem with System Update

[ Edited ]

Are you using the latest SU release,  SU 5.06.0020 released 10/7/2014? What machine type/model of your machine?

Are you running 32 bit win7?

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lenovo  exists on 32 bit win7

NO PF(x86) exists


On a 64 bit win 7

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Lenovo does not exist.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Lenovo exists  (sup and  LPU  park here)

C:\Program Files(x86)\Lenovo\System update parks here.

*** My responses are are based on 64 bit system. For you, everything is in Program files.


Is this a new symptom with a SU install, or been around for a while?

Please describe your symptom of SU failing? This post is from 2010.  Solution above probably does  apply anymore. 

I rarely recommend changing registy entries nor deleting folders to solve a issue.


Please locate C\programdata\Lenovo\System update\logs folder. 

Find the latest run of tvsu_*timestamp*.log.

Post the log to this post using or similar service.



SUP(c\pf86\common\lenovo\sup (and LPU)  (and SUP folder in programdata) is a patch utility installed with SU. It replaces Lenovo patch utility(LPU).

It is a different piece of software and has NO relationship to the real System Update product.


Please open up a new post about your SU failure, since this  post is 4.5 years old. If you could provide a SU failure screen, that would help.

Start>all programs>accessories>snipping tool.  save as a .PNG.  Insert the .png using the control buttons above(on reply back). 

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