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Fanfold Paper
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RNR and Windows Vista Restore Points

Is the Rescue and Recovery program able to use restore points created in Vista? I recently had registry corruption and my X61s would not boot into Windows. The Lenovo tech blithely parroted: "reimage the machine". Mercifully I had a 2 week old back-up under RNR. A related question would be whether RNR can use full backups created under Vista since RNR backups are excruciatingly slow.
Paper Tape
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Re: RNR and Windows Vista Restore Points

as fas as i know RnR is diffrerent from Windows Restore, so if you use both you get double backups and therefore doble chances to restore your info in this case, i prefer RnR backups rather than vista because you can get into the menu even if windows cant boot, you might want disabel windows restore and recover that disk space used
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